Dodgers TV broadcast

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10/13/2018 5:54 PM

Wow! I would hope that Buck and Smoltz would watch a a replay of the game today without a big Brewer dick in in their mouths so they could see how biased it was. That was terrible. If you weren't watching, you would have thought the Brewers won 10 zip.


10/14/2018 10:35 AM

You do not like Bob Uecker? I do not care for Joe Buck, but it was cool of him to let Uecker call that inning. I hope the same thing happens in Dodger Staidum for Vin.


10/14/2018 10:52 AM

Used to hate the combination of Buck and Aikman doing Seahawks games, too. During the couple of years of SB trips, you would have thought that the Seahawks were a bunch of amateur players and they seemed surprised that they could ever win a single NFL game. Every win that those 2 covered was primarily because the "insert Seahawk opponent here" played so uncharacteristically poorly......

Joe Buck is a phucking tool and couldn't hold Jim Brockmire's liquor-piss stained jockstrap......

At least the announcers don't affect the outcome of the games!


10/14/2018 8:39 PM

It amazes me the lack of competent announcers/play by play n professional sports. To me it makes/breaks the enjoyment of watching a good game. Some football broadcast are unwatchable because of the team in the booth

I’ve always liked Bob Uecker, he’s a crack up and has a nice radio voice