Cooking Oil Instead Of 2-Stroke?

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9/10/2017 3:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/10/2017 3:43 AM

So somebody asked me if cooking oil can be used instead of 2-stroke oil .

So, we know 2-stroke oil is made and developed to lubricate engines and cooking oil is meant to be cooked with.
But, for fun I tried it on a hedge cutter. I've cut three hedges so far totalling about 6 hours and it seems fine lol. I don't expect it to last much longer mind you...

So, come on what's your views?

Don't panic, I won't be using it it was just for a fun experiment.


Life's Too Short To Fanny Around.

9/10/2017 3:58 AM

I've heard of people trying this a long time ago. If I remember right it even has a french fry craving side effect, I don't see much of an issue in the short term.


9/10/2017 4:48 AM

Kind of a similar good friend was a test engineer at Kohler and they used to test run engines (4 strokes) with NO oil at low load full RPM.....He said the Honda kept running and runnin for several days until they just ended the test. The others (Kawasaki, Briggs, Kohler, etc) ran nearly as long.

My guess..your little 2stroke hedge trimmer will run for years on vegi oil.


9/10/2017 7:09 AM

Haha I'll see how long it'll last, I ran my Land Rover for years on cooking oil, but that's as fuel, not oil.


Life's Too Short To Fanny Around.

9/11/2017 8:06 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2017 8:07 AM

Like you are seeing, the short term is unlikely to produce anything catastrophic. Without any kind of detergents and using plant based oil, you are going to end up with some cruddy, nasty carbon and deposits eventually.

I assume this is just standard "vegetable oil", so it is probably mostly soy bean oil. Its smoke point should be relatively high. Refined avocado oil would probably end up giving the best results.

Keep us posted.


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9/11/2017 11:13 AM

When I was a young kid and broke, I used 30w non-detergent engine oil as premix in my Penton.

Who knew that I could of saved even more money by robbing the pantry of some cooking oil instead!