BMX silver medallist in coma after accident

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1/11/2018 9:30 AM

Jelle van Gorkom: Dutch Olympic BMX silver medallist in coma after accident

Bas de Bever, the Dutch national BMX coach, asked that the rider, his girlfriend and his family be given "peace and privacy", while Jochem Schellens, director at the National Sports Centre Papendal, added: "It is a terrible accident and... we wish them all the strength in the coming period."

1/11/2018 10:47 AM

Did this happen on the BMX track? Good lord, if so that must be the worst bmx/track related crashes ever...

Best wishes and i hope he recovers, Dang..


1/11/2018 9:19 PM

Wow, that's just horrible. BMX is no joke, the speed might not be as high as moto but I've gotten hurt WAY worse on a BMX then I ever have on a dirtbike. The tracks are hard pack, the jumps are peaked, and the speeds are still pretty fast. Really hope he is able to pull through, I've never met a bad person in that sport and I hate seeing this stuff.


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1/15/2018 8:46 AM

Does anyone have a update on Jelle's condition? Did he really hit a chain at the bottom of drop in hill?