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RangerLee RangerLee
2/7/2018 11:27 AM

Hi all, I am trying to get the word out hoping to get a little bit of help for a small production that showcases High School wrestling in Pennsylvania. I am in no way part of the company, though my son is a Varsity wrestler in Pa. and has been in a few of the live streams. I also coach in our local youth wrestling program.

With Youtubes new rules, it is harder to monetize videos, one of the requirements is 1000 subscribers, they are currently at 867 as of this posting. All I am hoping for some more to subscribe to get them over the mark. The Pawrestling channel is only a couple years in and it will grow, just every bit of revenue helps since there are less than 10 that run the whole show.

Here is their front page:

A few more subs will go along way. Thanks!

(here is my son wrestling 113 last week if interested, it is great production value at the High School level. They will also be streaming tonight's match for him and his team live.

?t=1h30m49s )
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