86 CR250 or 02 CR250

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10/18/2011 9:07 AM

I sold my 04 CRF450 last year to get a street bike. I now would like another dirtbike. I only rode the CRF450 for two years. I was a beginner at the track but grew up riding dirtbikes on the trails. I am torn between a mint 86 CR250 or a nice 02 CR250.
All the young guys at work tell me to get the 2002 but there's something about the 86 that I really like. I am 30 yrs old and might ride the track again but mostly fast trail riding. I chose this forum as I saw many posts on the mid 80's 250 bikes and how people have restored them. I am in need of some advice on either bike.

10/18/2011 9:14 AM

i have a 88 cr250( same motor supposedly worse bike than a 86) and 2 2002 cr250s. the 86 will have much better bottom end and a super comfortable seat. everything else about the 02 is better. u can race vintage on the 86( rear drum brake) parts are easier to get for the 02 to 07 cr than just about any other discontinued bike. i ride my 02 more but the seat and awesome motor of the 86 are compelling for straight trail riding. if adequate low end power is a absolute must get anything but a 2002 up cr250. if u love top end hit then that 02 will be ur favoritest. lol gonna send my 02 cylinder to eric gorr for a 265 kit just to get some more low end power.

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10/18/2011 9:19 AM

my 88 cr250 is bored to a 67.5 mm piston and has 96 front and rear suspension. it turns better than any bike ive ever rode including my buddys 2003 rm250 and is the only bike i have ever rode that my tailbone isnt sore after a long fast ride. while the peak hp might be slightly lower, the 86 to 91 cr250 has good low end and a long tractable power spread. its like cheating on a gnarly hill climb. i can wheelie , spin or let off and re accelerate right in the middle of the gnarliest hillclimb weve got. bike proves itself against newer ones time after time. like i said tho i ride my 02 the most.....lol

when in doubt, pin it out

10/26/2011 6:29 PM

Id say the 2002, the parts will be easier to find and you dont want a bike that super old as the components and technology is out of date.

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