two enduro mtb athletes popped for specifically banned beta 2 agonists

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11/28/2018 6:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/28/2018 6:59 PM

test was from same event. athletes are not teammates. richie rude just won the premier enduro world series.

I know that you can't specify where you think it came from, but the obvious connection that people are going to make is that you're both Ryno Power athletes. What would you say to that?

Richie: Yeah, obviously it doesn't look great for them, but Ryno Power's motto has always been that they have clean substances, and so they shouldn't be brought into this whole situation.

Have you spoken with them at all?

Richie: I actually haven't at all.

random commenter:
lucacometti (2 days ago)
@justanotherusername: I am also a Ryno Power athlete and have been tested multiple times from WADA and I have passed both times. Ryno Power is a banned substance free company, and they go through testing to make sure no banned substances end up in their products. So unless someone at the testing facilities wasn't doing their job right and purposely added banned substances into one of their products, which seems pretty far fetched. I don't think Ryno Power is to blame here.


11/28/2018 7:15 PM