is the romour true CP to TLD

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12/11/2010 7:04 AM

still on a 250 untill the shoulder is 100%. like the jersey???

12/11/2010 7:14 AM

Isnt that a One helmet? and a kawi?
Look at the mud - maybe he´s racing the Romanian championship this year?!?!?!


12/11/2010 7:36 AM

that doesn't look like CP to me.


12/11/2010 9:06 AM

not CP, thats just some spode splashing through some mud.

that gear is not even 2011, no way a person would be a newly sponsored rider and not have the newest gear.


twist wrist and go...

12/11/2010 9:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/11/2010 9:09 AM

That's what Cee Pee is actually doing in France, so ...



12/11/2010 9:25 AM

Here is a minorly translated CP interview.

On holiday in La Clusaz, Christophe Pourcel took the opportunity to improve his physical condition. The opportunity to give us the latest news concerning one month early U.S. Supercross Championship ...
Christopher, how's your shoulder?
Christophe Pourcel: "Okay, I have nothing at all. I could re-run the last two or three weeks."

What are you doing right now?
"I'm on holiday in La Clusaz. I take this opportunity to do things that I can not do normally. I do a little sport at altitude, I ski ... It's been awhile since I had not gone to the mountain. "

What new for next season?
"Nothing new, I am still in contact with teams, but nothing more that a few weeks."

What is the percentage chance of seeing you in Anaheim for the opening?
"I would say 50%. It is still possible and I continue to work for it."

Do you work on other tracks, like the GP?
"For now, there is nothing planned in that direction."

What is your program coming?
"After the end of the week, I think I'm going home to Florida. If I have a handlebar meantime, I'll stay, otherwise I may come back in France."