industry seating/pit passes for Seattle sx?

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3/28/2017 11:53 AM

Been out of the loop for many years on what is required for industry passes /pit passes for the day?
A friend of mine has never been down in the pits or anything and would like to show him how much different the show is than in the stands.
Any help would be appreciated.


Was once there, now old, fat and tired... require much more horsepower now...

3/28/2017 12:02 PM

used to be an empty can of monster but now it looks like they grease ya for ten bucks instead of $3


3/28/2017 1:31 PM

You can sit in industry seating during while practices run to meet the guys. Seats are not good compared to others though. Empty can of monster or you pay like $5-$10 for a pit pass.


3/28/2017 2:11 PM

Industry seating is terrible. The only reason to sit there is if you have to go back and forth to the pits during the program.


3/28/2017 2:25 PM

Sure hope the weather improves by April 8th... 46 and pouring rain today and yesterday and tomorrow, and the next few days as well...

But, it has been a hell of a snow season, 35 days at Baker and counting.. toot toot