dope 2004 crf450

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4/30/2018 12:17 PM


"If you feel in control, you're not going fast enough" ~Mario Andretti

4/30/2018 12:59 PM



4/30/2018 1:04 PM

Holy crap that price seems like a steal considering the parts


4/30/2018 2:05 PM

I had an almost brand new 2004 CRF450 and LOVED the bike, it really fit my 6'3 frame ..... the engine was a monster and i left the suspension bone stock and it was really good with that larger piston in the forks/internals. I put fastway low boy F4 pegs on it and man, that bike fit me like a glove. Left it bone stock with the engine, exhaust .......everything.

Then I rode an 06 CRF450 and felt like i needed the 06 bec it felt so light and had a low center of gravity so I got an 05 but never really got as comfortable on it like I was on my 04 CRF450....matter of fact, the bike im talking about is me riding it in my avatar. For all intents and purposes the 05 was considered a better bike since some (MXA) believed the 04 didnt turn but I thought mine handled fine......thinking about riding that bike now and the good time I had riding it, I miss that bike now lol.....even though it was a 4 stroke, it was my first 450, i had a 99 YZ400f prior but that Honda CRF450 was lightyears better than my 1999 YZ400f.


4/30/2018 2:24 PM

I put 100 hours on my ‘04 CRF but holy crap that bike hates to turn!! Basically every other bike I have ever had turns better.


5/3/2018 5:22 AM

Are any other factory bikes for sale?



5/3/2018 10:21 AM

Throw a 08 frame and head at that thing and................sweetness