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3/13/2018 8:30 AM

I just got shut down ordering from rocky mountain
acerbis fork guards,
100% goggles
and a oem kawi clutch tensioner

Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, due to contracts with some OEM and aftermarket manufactures, there are certain restrictions in place which prohibit us from shipping their products to any international address, or to any freight forwarding companies, holding companies, or any residential or commercial address within the U.S> where you or someone else may be taking them outside the U.S.

I am almost positive i have ordered acerbis plastic kits before with no issue.
anyone have insight into this or did i somehow pick 3 really wrong products to send

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3/13/2018 8:50 AM

Hello id say the problem is the OEM parts try ordering the OEM parts from a local dealer. I dont know where you are in Canada but you should check out Royal Distributing.


3/13/2018 8:57 AM

Interesting. There might be systems in place to preserve and protect existing stores in Canada. It's much like working at a shop in Canada and not being able to purchase items from distributors such as Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited etc. They have established distributors set up in Canada where we purchase from. That being said why wouldn't you buy in Canada? Don't tell me price because it's going to cost you the same or more to buy form the US.


3/13/2018 8:59 AM

Why not just order from Royal Distributing, Kimpex, Fortnine, MD Distributions, Blackfoot Direct, Splash'n Dirt, Gnarly Parts, MX1 Canada, etc. or your local dealer and save yourself the exchange rate. As you can see there's a lot of options to buy your parts in Canada.

If those fail I've used before without issues.


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3/13/2018 9:05 AM

-MAVERICK- wrote:

Why not just order from Royal Distributing, Kimpex, Fortnine, MD Distributions, Blackfoot Direct, Splash'n Dirt, Gnarly Parts, ...more

+1 has OEM parts, and will ship them to Canada.

I've had really good luck with Fortnine for anything not OEM.

RMATV and BTO were great when the Dollar was closer to par but not so much anymore


3/13/2018 9:07 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/13/2018 9:08 AM

i always deal with Transcanada Motorsport out of brandon MB for suz/kawi OEM parts. If i buy somewhere else , fortnine is the reference!

Plus building a good relationship with your local dealer might get you deal/ options for later. Local deal found me an oem piston for my old kx125 that was discontinued and not available anywhere in canada/usa. !


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3/13/2018 9:40 AM

I’ve found gnarlyparts to have very competitive prices. Although I haven’t checked in awhile.


3/13/2018 10:40 AM

Issue was I needed an oem part for the kawi. But it let me buy a bead buddy and laminated tearoffs. Just not oem part
Fork guards and goggles. Found it weird. I use fortnine and my local shop for most items.


3/13/2018 10:46 AM

I just ordered Acerbis plastic from RMATV with no problems. As for using the Canadian companies, it's still $50 cheaper after conversion to buy from the US, plus I had a gift card. I dream of a day where our prices are the same after conversion.


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3/13/2018 1:40 PM

I just ordered acerbis kit to a address in USA. Then I drive across and pick it up. I have only had a problem 1 time,( Oakley stuff) . I just phoned them and said it was a birthday gift for the resident of the address I was shipping it to.


3/14/2018 1:30 PM

Use a freight forwarding company.

Have it sent there (ie US address), and then forwarded to you. is an example.