blown up 09 yz450f - whats it worth

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7/29/2017 2:12 PM

I been scouring cl looking for a deal on a 450, kinda want a project bike and want your guys opinion. I found a 09 yz450 which is a bike i love. It dropped a valve. Heads junk, piston cyl and valves. We all know thats $1500 in parts. I got a guy who can fix the head for under 200 bucks but im still out piston valves cyl, $1000 min anyway you look at it. He had it listed for 800, i offered 4 and told him by the time someone drops the cash on parts they could have bought a running one. Id be ok with 400, 600 IMO is too much for a 450 with a boat anchor of a motor. Its 3 hours away also. Thoughts


7/29/2017 2:58 PM

About tree fiddy.

I wouldn't pay more than $600 for it


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7/29/2017 3:03 PM

Project bikes always end up costing more in the end , however, if your determined to get a project that is probably not a bad choice. I totally get that you need to get it as cheap as possible but if its worth $400 then its worth 5 or 600 so id just grab it and get rollin. Maybe he would meet halfway on the price and in the truck. If you enf up getting it , i can get you cyl, piston and valves for less than $1000.


7/29/2017 3:44 PM

What are the forks and shock worth? Isn't that the SSS stuff?


7/29/2017 3:57 PM

Bike is worth 1000+ in parts. Forks 3-450 shock 150, swingarm 150-200, wheels 2-400 etc.


7/29/2017 3:59 PM



7/29/2017 4:12 PM

Part it out man sss forks and swingarm plus wheel set will easily double what the bike is worth now.


7/29/2017 4:14 PM

Buy it, part it out, buy a running 450.


7/29/2017 5:28 PM

Ill prolly grab it if its still around next time i get paid. I had the cash put up for a bike and literally the day before i planned on picking it up the motor in my truck took a dump.