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11/15/2018 4:32 PM

I'd like to get my 3 year old a full face helmet for Christmas and was looking to see if any parents out there know of the smallest size helmets. Awhile back at Bob's Cycle in Minnesota, I know a few of the brands size "small" was drastically different. I'd like to get him comfortable in a full face helmet on his balance bike before he gets too comfy in his bicycle helmet. Thanks for any info.


11/15/2018 4:59 PM

Your best bet is taking him in and trying them on. We just took my 5 year old daughter last month and some helmets I could put an adult small on her head and others a youth medium. It really just depends on the brand


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11/15/2018 5:09 PM

Yeah. You need to have him try them on. I thought I was shopping for a youth helmet for my 5 year old. Ended up needing an adult small.


11/15/2018 5:41 PM

I just bought my 3yr old grandson a full face FOX helmet. They have youth S,M,L, sizes. Have him try them on, different makes will fit differently also.


11/15/2018 6:01 PM


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He's been tearing up the coaster bike for a year. For Christmas I'm restoring an 86 schwinn 14 inch BMX bike I bought for my daughter when she was three. I hung it in the garage rafters 30 yrs ago hoping I might have a grandkid someday that was in to bikes.