Your favorite SX/MX "I was there" experience

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7/23/2022 2:05 PM

Another one I forgot about. The 1979 125 USGP at Mid Ohio. Photo
Photo Photo


7/23/2022 3:55 PM

Standing next to Bruce Brown filming at Saddleback, then ending up in OAS. Standing on the fence line when Joel is making the left hand turn uphill in the movie.
We snuck in under a false bottom back of van. Couple of kegs of beer on the plywood we were under. Walking around the parking campground and some people were showing 8mm porn movies on the side of a white van. Woke up the next morning watching track walk, yelled at John Banks and Jeff Smith, BSA team. They turned to see who knew them, couple of long haired 15 year olds. They waved.



7/23/2022 4:38 PM

Let's see, my favorite was probably at Indy in 1998. McGrath broke the AMA record for total career wins. And he wore the blue and gold No Fear Babe Ruth gear. Nac-nacs in pre-race, and on the triples on both sides of the track on the last lap of the main. And if I remember correctly, somebody weird was on the podium. Maybe Mike Brown on Honda of Troy.
Went to Indy in 1996, looked down at the program and missed Emig high side out of the rut going into the start straight. That was 10/10 on the year.
Obviously McGrath was my guy. It was my first year of riding and knowing nothing about MX/SX I predicted he would go undefeated.
Then 4 weeks later my mom called in to to the local rock station during the daytime contest and won us tickets to the first Supercross held in Trans World Stadium. And even though I'm from Indiana and respect Larocco immensely, I'll never forgive him for holding up McGrath long enough to let Emig get away and spoil the perfect season. Even though St Louis was as close as Emig got to a hometown race, nobody in the building was happy after that main event. Such a letdown.
I remember seeing Damon Huffman go 1-1 at Kenworthys on a 100 degree temperature day, I think in 1999. 1998, 1999, 2000. One of those years. And 100 degree temp. Not heat index. Bags of ice were $5 by the second motos and people were just buying them and throwing them over their shoulders to keep cool.
Went to the only SX held at the dragstrip in Joliet. Looked like shit to ride but it was fun to watch.
Saw Carmichael at Red Bud the year he went 24/24 on the Honda.
And i got to see Larry Ward win the 125 class overall on a Moto XXX yz250f.
The most dramatic race I saw was probably when my Dad and I decided on Saturday night to go ahead and get in the truck at like 1AM and drive the 9 hours to Steel City because we heard Carmichael was going to ride the 125 and try to break Barnetts record. And maybe steal a few points from Langston to help Brown win the 125 title. And we both wanted Brown to win when we got there. But personally, realizing how unprofessional and at times dangerous Brown had been in dealing with Langston, I was disappointed the almost 30 year old guy was gifted a national championship because Steel City was so dry and hard packed Langston blew a wheel up. And I don't know exactly how old he was, I think just a few years older than I was at the time, 19 or 20 maybe. But after Brown had ran him off the track, tried to intimidate him all summer, flipped him off, said his bike was so much better he was basically cheating, he still immediately came over and congratulated Brown on winning the championship. And said he deserved it. Langston, being a teenager, was still crying at the time if im not mistaken. Everybody used to say European MXers were prima Donna's. But that was the most impressed I've ever been with an athletes sportsmanship. I'm glad he got that 450 title. He definitely was deserving of being a national champion.


7/24/2022 9:20 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/24/2022 9:21 PM

A Golden State race in late 86/early 97 (can’t remember the exact date). It was a mud race and Lechien kept brake checking Johnson. I was standing at the finish line when Johnson knocked the shit out of Lechien after the race. A few minutes later RJ was standing outside Lechien’s van and Lechien was flipping him the bird. Fun times! Wardy got 3rd…


7/26/2022 8:55 PM

TeamGreen wrote:

Of all the things I've been fortunate enough to see or be present for...I've got one that you're gonna understand...


I was there that day spectating at the bottom of bonsai when Danny was sending it on a 125. Do you remember him bottoming and coming around the next lap with his bars on the tank and doing it again? That was the day I confirmed the rumors about Magoo


7/26/2022 9:02 PM

Motoxdoc wrote:

I watched Jeff Wards last minicycle race in the race of champions at Escape Country/Racing World on the Marty Smith track; I ...more

I watched all of those with you, except the first Superbowl of Motocross. I hadn’t explained to you what motocross was yet as I had just discovered it myself. My favorite was watching you get 13 OA for top privateer honors at the last Saddleback Nat. Too bad the call for a fill in or euro ride never came


7/26/2022 10:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/26/2022 10:31 PM

1987 Goffert Stadium, Nijmegen, Thé Netherlands 🇳🇱

Ricky Johnson going from dead last to first competing against Dave Strijbosch, Micky Dymond, Eric Geboers, John vd Berk


7/27/2022 3:59 AM

1. Anaheim 1986
2. Washougal 2006
3. Watching Pastrana race the amateur Saturday night race before Budds Creek 1999