Your favorite SX/MX "I was there" experience

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7/14/2022 10:54 AM

1987 MXdN at Unadilla. I've been at other races that were epic but that day stands above for me. It had crazy weather, it had controversy (Hannah getting the spot that Diamond deserved) and it had drama. Most know the story of that race but to put it in a nutshell old man Hannah was selected to ride a 125 in the waning days of his career and he hadn't ridden one in years. Wardy was a solid pick on the 500 and RJ was the worlds best rider but there was still doubt about him performing in the rain. Long story short Bob rode great and won the 125 class in the second moto after having difficulties in the first moto, Wardy did Wardy and put in a stellar ride on the big bore, and of course RJ rode like a rabid (bad) dog and whipped everybody's ass in some of the worst slop I've ever seen. It was magic!



7/14/2022 11:15 AM

Things I've Seen:

RC, Robbie Reynard, Kevin Windham, Casey Johnson, Craig Decker, Jeff Dement, Tommy Clowers, Buddy Antunez, Ezra Lusk, Alessi...all on 80s/85s at Ponca City...Great memories...

Pro things i've seen
Damon Bradshaw take out Chicken in Vegas

Bradshaw's yz 250 leaned up against a dumpster outside Indianapolis in 1992

Stewarts last National Win

Dungey's last supercross win

When ricky lapped the field


7/14/2022 11:17 AM

RC lapping the entire field at Millville in the mudder!


7/14/2022 11:19 AM

Another one:

Visiting the Kawasaki rig in 2001 and seeing James just kind of hanging out taking in the sights, the year before he turned pro. He was wearing those over the top of the head Oakley sunglasses and was just kind of milling around alone while people were getting autographs from RC. My dad calls over to him and goes, “hey Bubba, we can’t wait to see you race here next year” and James just smiled, didn’t say anything, just nodded his head, pulled out a stack of stickers made by Oakley that just had his name on them, signed some and gave them to our family. He was super shy but had a huge smile on his face the entire time he was there.


7/14/2022 11:21 AM

1977 Motorcycle Olympiad

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7/14/2022 12:23 PM

I saw brake bagget launch into the whoops at freestone. Saw stew’s first premier class win. Saw marv’s first win and AC’s first win


7/14/2022 12:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2022 2:30 PM

Also, 2012 Dallas SX.. Zach Bell catching peg off of a triple-face right in front of us, he literally cleared the whole gap with no bike under him, landed right on his head/shoulder, AND walked it off…UNREAL!


7/14/2022 12:33 PM

Millville 1996, Jeremy McGrath was leading in points and broke his foot during practice. I was standing at the fence right in front of the jump where he did it. It was a single after a corner before a tabletop (right before the sand whoops). He tried to double onto the tabletop and came up short.... cased it right on the face of the tabletop. I still remember hearing and feeling the thud. That crash gave up his championship momentum to Emig.


7/14/2022 12:37 PM

I was at the "Shoug in '06 when Carmichael had just got around Stew and cartwheeled off the infield jump...he was back on his bike and WTFO in a split second


7/14/2022 12:38 PM

Watching k-dub catch and pass RC at washougal in 2001 both motos. And again in 2003 after coming back out of retirement.

Watching RV win his first 450 race in Seattle in 2009 after watching him grow up racing here locally. Also it was one of his first if not the first race back since injury.


7/14/2022 12:39 PM

I was there when a 125cc rider whiskey throttled off the track at the Phoenix SX in 2001. His bike slid across the concrete and somehow the gas from the overflow caught fire. In a scene out of a Wiley Coyote cartoon the fire then ran across the ground and to his bike where it erupted into a small flame on the carburetor.


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7/14/2022 12:45 PM

I was at the Carlsbad GP when Marty Moates won, awesome day.

I was also out at Indian Dunes one day when the Jones family and their motorhome were there practicing. Gary was riding a Maico around the International track in a t-shirt, while his dad was on a 501 doing wheelies LOL

Talking to Gary later in the day he referred to the Shadow Glen track as shitty glen. I was very young and thought that was the funniest thing I had ever heard.


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7/14/2022 1:08 PM

Easy for me.
The first Superbowl of Motocross at the LA Coliseum in 1972.
I was at Carlsbad for Marty Moates historic GP win.


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7/14/2022 1:14 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2022 1:15 PM

Des Nations in 2007.


7/14/2022 1:18 PM

Saul Rosenburg wrote:

Watching Ryan Villopoto completely decimate the entire field of 450s while he was on a 250 at the buds creek mxdn. And I do ...more

Yep, was there… they put something in RV’s Wheaties that day, shook my head in amazement, bike sounded so gnarly I was praying it didn’t blow up.


7/14/2022 1:19 PM

Saul Rosenburg wrote:

Watching Ryan Villopoto completely decimate the entire field of 450s while he was on a 250 at the buds creek mxdn. And I do ...more

I just found out a coworker of mine was at that race as well!


7/14/2022 1:45 PM

I’m really old so my list is really long. Since you asked for my favorite it’s going to be tough to pick one but here it is.

The Saddleback Massacre National when Bob Hannah was on a heavyweight pig YZ and Howerton was on a far superior Works Suzuki. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ride so hard for two 45 min motos as Hannah did that day. He was on the edge and using every bit of the track and then some to beat Howerton. At one point he knocked Kent on his ass and afterwards I believe he said he tried to break his leg. I was around 20 years old back then and some of the crowd were running from one part of the track to the other to watch those two go at it.


7/14/2022 2:02 PM

Rc. Rookie and last race mxon, rv winning budds mxon,. Tomac title win and herlings same day. I worked mxon 2010 ,. Desalle at dilla, bubbas 24-0 last race at steel city. Got bubbas team hat from him, him and ferry signed. Henry crashes at budds.
Saw bubba cartwheel his bike at high point Lotta great races i ve been lucky enough to see in person


7/14/2022 2:13 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2022 2:13 PM

I have several that I witnessed firsthand in no particular order...

**Washougal 1990: JMB going OTB and breaking his arm (not a good experience but a historic one)
**Hangtown 2004: Roncada giving the 259 as much trouble as I had seen anyone give him to that point
**Hangtown 2008: JLaw's practice antics with RV. I saw JLaw jacking with RV and figured there'd be fireworks but not
like that. I was standing by where the big triple is today so I got a pretty good view of them wrastlin'.
**Glen Helen 2004: JS' first professional race on a four-stroke to end the terror campaign known as his 125 career
**Hangtown 1998: MC's last outdoor motocross win
**Glen Helen 2004: RC's last use of the number one plate
**Glen Helen 2005: Watched Alessi t-bone Tedesco then proceed to "delay" Ivan's remount.
**MX des Nations 2007: RC's last professional race coupled with RV's smoke show
**Budds Creek 2005: RC and JS trading paint and yelling at each other in practice with RC ending up with stitches
**I saw several first career wins with Hangtown being round 1 many times. ET, comes to mind but others are
escaping me
**San Diego SX 1994: Emig kicks Larocco in the head. Also, Ronnie Lechien's last SX.
**Seattle SX 1991: JMB simply walks away in the 250's and MC does the same on his 125. Legends

I'm sure I have more...



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7/14/2022 2:29 PM

Magoofan wrote:

My favorite "I was there" moments always had to do with the races held at the L.A. Coliseum.

(not my photos)


1. RJs 1987 ...more

Was also at both. Agree with number 1. I think Penhall whooping the world around the same time, same place was #2 for me.


7/14/2022 2:30 PM

I was there, when Albertyn clinched his first 250 world title in Vantaa, Finland 1993.


7/14/2022 3:05 PM

JeffGuckenberg wrote:

Dallas 2019 I was sitting directly across from the finish line and saw the closest win margin finish in SX history as Webb ...more

How do you get tickets to be on the floor? I didn’t even know that was a thing lol


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7/14/2022 3:08 PM

And i will add my southwick trip. When de reuver came over. 2008.


7/14/2022 3:11 PM

Chad Reeds last Race in Sydney before chasing the dream and going to America back in 2002.

And Chad Reeds last race in Melbourne. Seeing Reed retire had the whole stadium in Tears and then for him to pass on the torch the same night and be there for Jetts first ever pro race was cray and had so much meaning to it for us aussie fans. Wild night.


7/14/2022 3:28 PM

When Ryan Villopoto rode like a man possessed at the Budds Creek MXON. I’ve seen Bubba, Carmichael and many others at Budds over the years, but watching Ryan shred that day was something special for sure !!!


7/14/2022 3:29 PM

Leave Us To wrote:

Just listened to Pulp MX and heard Roczen talk about his first MX2 win. Matthes said "I was there" and for some reason it got ...more

Of all the things I've been fortunate enough to see or be present for...I've got one that you're gonna understand...

Saddleback. 1981...Golden State Series...
Danny Magoo Chandler.
On his YZ125.

There was the HUGE down-hill, Bonzai, I think? was the left turn at the end of the long National Track start hill and...
DOWN you went. It was AWESOME!

Danny would SAIL down that thing like NO ONE ELSE! He'd fly down to the bottom as he ran away from EVERYBODY.

He'd do the same thing on his Maico in the 250(?) class, too.

Things like that weren't "Normal"...yet.

Yup. I was there for that. I think you Trans AM "reach back in time" took me back to those days. Thanks for that. Those days were amazing.


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7/14/2022 3:56 PM

RV's last corner pass on The Dung at Steel City....epic

1987 MXdesNations honorable mention. Photo


7/14/2022 4:37 PM

Anyone that says the MXdN is a stupid exhibition race and a waste of time needs to read this thread.


7/14/2022 4:38 PM

711stretch wrote:

RV's last corner pass on The Dung at Steel City....epic

1987 MXdesNations honorable mention. Photo

I was right there also, it. Was badazz.


7/14/2022 4:53 PM

I have a few of them.

1. Las Vegas Supercross where ZO16 blocked passed Joey for the SX title. The Sam Boyd was rocking!!!!!
2. KROC's first race on the CRF 450R. MEC 2016
3. Hangtown MX 2015.... ET3 went on a terror.
4. Las Vegas Supercross: 1992 Bradshaw loses his shit and T Bones Chicken. If he just passed him, he wins the title (I know there's also Indy).