YZ250F plastics

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4/1/2018 9:23 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/1/2018 9:24 PM

Hi, I have a 2002 Yz250f, I was wondering what newest year of Yz250f plastic i can put on my bike


4/2/2018 2:23 PM

Id think 2005, before the switch to the aluminum frame in 06.


4/2/2018 4:25 PM

You can probably upgrade to the 15+ front fender and maybe number plate. You’d have to redrill holes in the fender, which isn’t hard.


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4/3/2018 8:42 PM

Just a thought... I took and 2004 and put it into a 06 chassis... the motors all the same basically... manifold and the water pipe on the front of the engine are different.. you just need a 06 roller..


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