Xtrac transmissions

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12/2/2019 10:19 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2019 10:19 PM

I was browsing around and came across Xtrac transmissions. Noticed they have
a photo of Davalos in their motorcycle section. Does Xtrac do trannies for some
of the teams? Coatings? Special gears? Looks like they do some pretty trick stuff in the car racing worlds.

PhotoJust curious is all.


12/2/2019 11:00 PM

I know they did for PC.


12/3/2019 1:02 AM

They (used to, at least) list the sports they were involved in, which included mx/sx, as well as Nascar and a fair bit of other American racing.
As mentioned above they supplied Pro Circuit. Not sure if they still do now.