Wrist Injury advice!

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5/23/2018 8:53 AM

Hey all,

Ive just started riding again after shattering my wrist April 2017. It was a pretty tough injury, snapped my radius, broke 4 metacarpal and shattered the carpal bones too, broke the corner off my ulna and various ligament issues.

I am really struggling with technique and how to ride, as i cant turn the throttle and stand up at the same time which is really depressing me. I was never fast but i could get around a track ok and now im a goon! Jumps are the worst for me currently.

My forearm muscle wasted away so its taken a while to get some meat back on it but i was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for getting to grips with this. Its my right wrist which is bad news, and i still have the radial plate in there as they dont want to take it out. Any help would be appreciated!