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3/20/2018 11:29 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/17/2018 12:51 PM

Hey guys, I'm not around the Vital crowd a whole lot so I figured I'd introduce myself a little. I'm a videographer living in Indiana, I've done some work in the past with vurbmoto and motosport, and more recently with RIDE365 and Great Lakes Motocross in Michigan. My website with my videos can be accessed at

Anway, I've long wondered why there isn't more coverage of those who create the content we all watch. I would love to hear the stories Wes Williams or Troy Adamitis must have, the techniques of Danny Stuart or Kyle Cowling, etc. That was the inspiration for what would eventually be called "World of Echo," a blog where I can discuss with filmmakers and content creators in moto (and possibly other disciplines if it sticks around long enough). In addition to interviews, I plan to release my own videos on the site as well.

The first installment with Austrian filmmaker (and 2016 Racer X Amateur Film Festival Winner) Uwe Fröhlich went live today, and can be found in the link below. I'll continually update this thread each time a new interview or video is posted to the site. If you have a moment to check it out that would be awesome, and feel free to discuss here if you feel so inclined. Thanks for your time.


3/27/2018 4:49 PM

The second World of Echo interview just went up a few minutes ago, featuring the words of up and coming Texas filmmaker Charles Bakke. You may have seen his work with Kyle Swanson or Kyle Tigert this year on YouTube, as they've been doing the rounds quite a bit (garnering over 175,000 total plays on YouTube alone).

Charles talks extensively about growing up with his brothers in Bulverde, Texas, linking up with the Vurbmoto crew, finding his community within motocross, and some of his adventures through filmmaking. If you have the chance, read about him below.


4/3/2018 9:59 AM

World of Echo round 3 features Tennessee shooter Chase Dunivant of MotoChasin fame. Discussion includes: Life and times as a Vurbmoto contributor, ditching the homecoming game to film at Monster Mountain, music in motocross, and plans for the future of MotoChasin. This is a big one.


4/3/2018 8:09 PM

I think it’d be neat to hear some stories, because I can appreciate the dedication and talent that goes into the photography/videography. With that being said, it is not nearly as interesting as riders/racing. It’s much harder to build up a relationship and connect with viewers to the point of them becoming fans.

Focus on the “factory” guys that many of us know and I’d think you’d find some demand for content there. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


4/3/2018 8:49 PM

tcallahan707 wrote:

I think it’d be neat to hear some stories, because I can appreciate the dedication and talent that goes into the ...more

Thanks man. Yeah I definitely understand that people might not be as interested as they are in the riders themselves. Motocross itself is a niche sport, and focusing on one side of the media covering that niche is... super niche, lol. I think it could have its place, though.

I do plan on having some more recognizable names come on the blog in the future. I'd love to get some of the guys I listed in my initial post, as well as some from maybe the heyday of motocross media (back when DVDs and VHS ruled all). I want to first focus on building up some stories of lesser-known filmmakers who I think are making (or have in the past made) waves.


4/3/2018 9:03 PM

I'm not into videography, but those are some pretty interesting interviews. You can tell you guys are passionate about what you do, and that in itself makes it fun to read.

Ignore the assholes and keep up the good work


4/3/2018 10:01 PM

tcallahan707 wrote:

I think it’d be neat to hear some stories, because I can appreciate the dedication and talent that goes into the ...more

JConley691 wrote:

Thanks man. Yeah I definitely understand that people might not be as interested as they are in the riders themselves. ...more

Right on man. Props for getting after it. I think I gotta toss Jimmy Bowron with Plae and Tyler Johnson with ElevatedMX into the hat. Both are doing some super cool things.


4/4/2018 12:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/4/2018 12:49 AM

Coming from more of an action sport background (BMX, Snowboarding) where filmmakers are a lot more respected and recognized than in motocross I think this is great. I love taking photos and film so to read about tips and stories about that is great, hopefully I can learn something from these guys.

EDIT: Would be great to ask them about any specific tips for filming motocross.


4/4/2018 9:03 AM

Mike_Frisk wrote:

Coming from more of an action sport background (BMX, Snowboarding) where filmmakers are a lot more respected and recognized ...more

I think it helps that the sports you mentioned (and I'll throw skateboarding in there as well), they all have athletes who can sustain careers with minimal to no competing. I think things like personality and style go much further in those disciplines than in motocross, and traits like those are best captured and marketed through photo and video. Moto is still very much a numbers game. Who had the fastest lap? Who got first, second, or third? How many points did so-and-so get at Indianapolis? etc.

I think we're getting there with riders like Durham, Bereman... I think Axell Hodges especially is paving the way for career-made motorcyclists with no solid competition background. (Although I'm not sure of his racing background, but Seth Enslow might've been the originator of this trend, lol). Brett Cue and Dayton Daft as well with their 365 brand. And as much as I hate to say it, a lot of that change is coming by way of Instagram and Snapchat.

P.S. I'll try to throw some technical questions in there as well for people looking to get the most out their ideas/equipment. I'm admittedly not too technical on the camera myself, but I'll try my best!


4/4/2018 9:11 AM

People writing about people filming people riding dirt bikes? silly

Just kidding- the more moto media the better.


It's impossible for a corporation or government to love you or care about you.

4/10/2018 11:15 AM

Appreciate the added support in the blog the past week. Chase's interview was far and away the most popular one yet, so thanks to everyone who has been curious enough to check it out.

This week I spoke with Illinois native Jeff Urbahn about photography and his current life abroad, early influences in video, fanning out on Windham and McGrath at Party in the Pasture, and impromptu champagne showers. As always you can read more about him below.


4/10/2018 12:51 PM

Long time troll on Vital. lol I just wanted to give you props for doing this. Their are a lot of people mostly younger who are getting into photo and video. Who knows maybe you will inspire some of them to do more moto. You can never have enough moto content out there.

Your the past will guide you was a pretty sick edit.


4/10/2018 10:11 PM

Bad katoomey.


4/17/2018 11:00 AM

The latest interview is out with Mr. Patrick Evans. Born in the heart of Pastranaland, Annapolis, Maryland, Patrick was a fast prospect at a young age. Racing 50's and 65's at the local tracks alongside Jordon Smith and Cooper Webb. Oddly enough, him and I had a chance encounter racing the 2006 Phoenix intermission for the KTM Challenge (which also happened to be the last supercross race led by a two-stroke). We talk a bit about that, and also about his Dad (who is one of the sport's top agents, managing Webb and at one time James Stewart), finding his passion for filmmaking, camera specs, favorite movies, why motocross is the hardest sport to shoot, and much, much more. This is probably one of my favorite interview yet. Check it out below if you want.


5/8/2018 10:44 AM

Apologies for the gap in content. I got pretty lucky in that I had a subject to talk with every week there for a bit. I'm starting to reach out to more people and it's becoming more challenging to plan things, what with conflicting schedules and such. In addition to that I'm also taking over social media and content duties for my local racing organization Great Lakes MX (@raceglmx for anyone in the Michigan/Indiana area interested).

This week's interview has been close to finished for a few days now, I just got some of the photos last night from aerial sports videographer Wes Coughlin, who I was asked to interview by some folks on the MX Simulator forums. This is my first piece to branch outside of motocross. (Wes doesn't specialize in it, but we do talk a little bit about moto in his childhood and in comparison to aerial sports.) I know that some of my work even in motocross hasn't been the most popular here, so I post this with a bit of hesitation. I'll continue to post every interview if anyone's interested. If there is no interest in subjects beyond-moto, I'll continue to only post exclusively moto videographers. However, I think a lot of what Wes speak about in here could be useful to those looking to film in moto as well. Here's the link if you'd like to read more. Thanks.

Discussion includes: The in’s and out’s of BASE jumping and its community, discovering the magic of editing, pioneering drone technology with Hans Skjersaa at XProHeli, filming for his first full-length documentary, and his advice to aspiring action sports filmmakers, among other things…


6/5/2018 12:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/5/2018 12:16 PM

Hard to believe it's been almost a month since the last piece! I had some trouble finding subjects for a little bit there... but I finally caught a break when Ben Giese offered up some time to talk about his career. Ben is the creative director and one of the lead minds behind motorcycle lifestyle & culture magazine META. Originally under the Vurbmoto umbrella, the team has since parted ways with the now-defunct site, and have been going strong for the past four years. While Ben isn't a filmmaker by definition, he is embedded in motocross and motorcycling in general. In his late teens and early twenties he was a privateer on the pro national circuit, traveling across the country in a van from the hills of Colorado. Afterwards he worked at Answer Racing and DC Shoes designing gear for the likes of James Stewart, Jake Weimer, and Robbie Maddison, before a stint freelancing for Spy Goggles and MCG. Today, he continues to freelance while running one of the most compelling print publications in the motorcycling industry.

Discussion includes: Introduction to the industry as a designer with Answer Racing, thoughts on higher level education, developing your style as an artist, his time at DC Shoes, starting / maintaining META, and more…


6/13/2018 5:58 PM

New edition out with west coast cinematographer Colton Davie! I stumbled on Colton by browsing the MXS forums and gave him a quick google when I saw his occupation listed there was "cinematographer." I'm glad I dug a little deeper, because it turns out he's quite the accomplished camera operator. He's worked on music videos, shorts, feature length films, and more. In addition to that, he's worked with the likes David Proval, Barry Primus, Bryce McGuire, Adam Cushman, as well as esteemed director Rod Blackhurst and actor Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard fame. (Super Troopers, anyone?)

This is probably the most film-centric entry yet, as the bulk of Colton's work lies in traditional narrative. Hollywood movie-type stuff. I still think it's worth a look for those interested in how those in the "business" conduct their business of working together to make movies. We talk about discovering his love for editing and filmmaking by videotaping him and his brother riding, his experience living in LA (and now Oregon), lessons on the visual and sound relationship in film, and so much more. Great guy, great read. You can check it out below.


6/20/2018 4:08 PM

I notice the blog is slowly transforming into more than just "motocross filmmakers," and the latest installment to the site with my good friend Alex Witkowski pulls me further from a blog about filmmakers, to a blog about motocross itself... or something. I'm not really sure what it's turning in to, but I'll keep making posts as long as people keep reading! This one might pique the interest of those who weren't as big into the actual "filmmaking" aspect of everything. I'll even link straight to the video Alex and I made together here:

The latest piece follows Alex and I through my perspective of three days in North Liberty, Alex's hometown. I speak about the experiences we shared while filming his part for the article, as well as conversations I had with him and his family throughout my stay in their motorhome (which doesn't sound as bad as you might think). For those who maybe haven't seen before, we've collaborated on "120,960 Minutes W/ Alex Witkowski" and my full-length video from 2016, " ">Live! From the Midwest." His parts from 120,960 Minutes also wound up in my video for the Racer X Film Festival ages ago.

Alex is a national champion Sprint Enduro racer for Beta USA, and he spoke about his time in public school (and what he finds wrong with it), growing up fast living in Florida during the winter, music, and his trip to France to compete in the International Six Days Enduro last year. Article includes video as well! Thanks for reading.

7/16/2018 8:09 AM

Hey guys, back with another interview today! I'm bummed I haven't been able to put these out as rapidly as I once did, but I hope the ones I do put out are worth the wait.

Anyways, a few days before the RedBud National I got to speak with Jessica Young, the director and lead cinematographer on Fox Racing's 2001 feature: Terrafirma 7. (Though her work may be more recognizable with Troy Adamitis' TGO series.) I could go on and on about this flick, but to make a long story short, this is my favorite motocross movie of all time. I was ecstatic Jessica agreed to give me a call and talk about what I learned to be her first foray into motocross, fresh out of the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Jessica snagged fellow graduate Todd Bell to be her assistant director, and a kid named Nick Kleczewski to handle lead edit duties. I see T7 as the gold standard for motocross media, and every time I put it on I leave with a smile on my face.

Discussion inclues: Life before Terrafirma 7, feature-film influence, learning to shoot moto, mishaps at RC’s and Loretta Lynn’s, tales of the GZAP cam, and much more…

*If you aren't familiar with T7, you can check it out HERE, or read through the interview and have a look near the bottom. Thanks for reading.


7/17/2018 11:15 AM

Looks interesting JC. Keep up the good work! Would be happy to chat with ya sometime in the future...words from an old guy...Hah!


7/30/2018 3:23 PM

It's already the end of July... wow. As Isaac Brock once said, "the year's go fast and the days go slow." I'm lucky to get two pieces out this month, and I'm finally ready to share this one.

This installment is a special one though, for a couple reasons. To start, I've finally hit double digits! This is the tenth interview on the site (technically eleventh post, but I'll put videos and interviews in separate categories). I made a little post on Instagram, but it's been an awesome experience getting to talk to all of these people! Hearing stories and just getting to even bullshit with everyone has been an enjoyable experience each and every time. The more I do this, the more I wish I had started it sooner.

This is probably my favorite interview to date, and I hope you all enjoy it. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Troy Adamitis!

Discussion includes: Getting hired into the industry straight out of film school, blowing Fox Racing’s budget on “Frezno Smooth,” missteps with No Fear’s “Chapter 2” and success with “The Great Outdoors” in 2002, the rise and fall of “Supercross: Behind the Dream,” “MX Nation” / “MX Planet,” and much more…


8/7/2018 2:48 PM

World of Echo, installment 11.

This time I got to speak with documentary filmmaker Todd Huffman, who you might know from his show on Speed, The Motocross Files, or his project on John Penton in 2014. He was even a producer on the follow up to the seminal MX movie, On Any Sunday, with OAS: The Next Chapter.

That's the other thing... I suppose this is a show now! Thanks to some of the folks on the MX Sim forums, you can now listen to me ramble over the phone! The episode can be streamed on soundcloud HERE, or on YouTube (with accompanying visual aid at certain parts of our conversation) HERE. The Soundcloud link is also embedded on the blog, you just can't access the time stamps on there.

I don't think this is the best interview I've done... was definitely nervous trying to make sure I wasn't stepping over Todd since I was going to release the audio this time. I think in the future, now that I know how I'm going to go about it, I'll get better. This conversation is very much filmmaking based, so anyone who's really into the technical side of filmmaking will probably enjoy this more than the casual moto fan. Either way, hope some people get a kick out of it. Todd's a real OG, he knows his stuff.

Discussion includes: Growing up on moto and BMX in NorCal, meeting Don Hoffman at the Pipeline in Upland, why Speed Channel picked up “The Motocross Files,” stories from premiering “Penton: The Story of John Penton,” upcoming projects, and much more…


9/30/2018 1:59 PM

Wow, it really has been a long time between interviews. Lots of bad luck with timing these past two months. I've had interviews lined up, fall through, re-schedule, all happening between my own priorities. Currently packing to spend a week at redbud for the mxon too, so I'll keep this one brief.

I spoke with Jimmy Bowron about PLAECO, his tenure with, his work on the Driven to Ride series with Derek Anderson and Tucker Saye, befriending Colton Haaker and his projects with that nut (X games real moto, HEATER, new projects). Super nice dude, had a lot to say. Read or listen below. Sorry for the wait!! I'm not ditching this project.


10/22/2018 10:28 AM

Man I've had two interviews sitting in the pot waiting to be released! First one comes out today with one of the lead cinematographers at FOX Racing, Ricki Bedenbaugh. Ricki has a huge skateboarding background so we geeked out on that for the first half of our conversation, but we talk about his relatively new passion for motocross during the latter half. Ricki's super cool and he's been at the helm of some great projects in skating and moto. (New Deal's last video, videographer for Element skateboards, 411VM, and did some sick projects with Hunter Lawrence, Ken Roczen, etc.) He also did the Instagram daily edits for FOX at the MXoN, if any of you caught those. FOX and SHIFT arguably have the best video departments in moto right now (and one of the few that actually EMPLOY a video department). Wish more companies were on top of that... but I digress. Read or listen below. Hope you enjoy!

Discussion includes: Freestyling with Blink-182, landing jobs with, 411 Video Magazine, Element, Stance and FOX Racing, the difference between skaters and motocross riders, working with everyone from Matt Hensley to Ken Roczen, switching careers (in relation to age), and why risking it all is the still the best move for young filmmakers, among other things…


10/25/2018 12:57 PM

New interview with Dayton Daft, one of the minds behind's huge video run in 2013-2015,, 365MX gear w/ Brett Cue, and one notorious character named Ronnie Mac.

Like I wrote about in the opener, Dayton was one of the first people I met in the moto industry and is someone I've often looked towards and asked for advice. He's super nice, down to Earth, and loves all things film and moto. We talked about starting the 365 brands, working with Travis Pastrana and BQ, and the real story behind Ronnie Mac racing the Motocross of Nations. You can read or listen through the link below. Thanks!


12/11/2018 1:47 PM

Another big gap (unfortunately) but I got a new piece out with Kyle Cowling (Co-owner Phantasos Media, Director of Spectrum). I felt like we could've talked for hours, being on the similar wavelengths regarding inspiration and stresses.

Kyle wanted to use this interview opportunity to talk about the difficulties of the creative business, which only seem to be compounded by confusing common practice within the moto industry. Lots of crazy stuff that didn't go to print, but plenty there to make this one unique, which is exactly how I'd describe Kyle's work. It also helps that, like most people I talk with, I'm already a huge fan. Read or listen below. Thank you.

Discussion includes: Hired and fired in the nine-to-five rigamarole, working the beat as a photographer for Transworld Motocross, navigating the mental stresses of creative fulfillment vs. not starving to death, exploring narrative filmmaking and its effect on the future of Spectrum, and being Tarah Gieger’s #1 fan…


3/7/2019 3:18 PM

Welcome back everybody, as I seem to say every time: sorry for the delay. This one certainly being longer than usual.

A lot has changed in my life since the beginning of the year (and since starting the site, which is coming up on its one-year anniversary here soon... jesus). I've taken up a part-time job at my family's business, a CNC shop specializing in resharp work: mostly scoring blades, carbide wheels, etc. My grandfather started the business years ago with his wife, my Dad, my Aunt, and a few uncle's and cousin's working there at one time or another. He has been able to pick up some of the slack work the last few years, but his age is starting to catch up with him, so I'm taking over a lot of his work there.

Of course, the plan is still to continue with World of Echo when I'm able to, making videos, conducting interviews, and writing articles. I honestly have plans to do more of all of those things, but it will have to wait until after I get off work during the week!

Either way, I have two interviews coming down the pipeline right now, this being one of them. It's a conversation with Avery Rost, who is an up and coming moto filmmaker out of Green Lake, Wisconsin. He interned with my last subject Kyle Cowling, oddly enough, which made for some fun conversation. He's a good kid with a lot of talent on his newly acquired RED setup. I look forward to what he has to offer in the future, and I hope after you're done reading, you will too. Some samples of his work are sprinkled throughout.

(Also, since I plan on tackling even more written topics this year in-between my work schedule, I've decided to retire the audio shows. I'm not sure if I will bring them back, but for now I'm going text-only again...)


3/11/2019 3:28 PM

Just got approval for the next interview to go up over the weekend. I've been trying to do something with Jordan Hoover since last summer, but he warned me he was a busy guy... Well, if it's any indication, our conversation finally landed today. This was pretty much the antithesis to last week's subject, where within the week I first contacted him we had an interview live. This stuff fluctuates is all I'm saying!

I love Jordan's outlook on life, his passion for the sport (and the art surrounding it), and his willingness to do everything on his own terms. I implore you to check out his website - Lots of abstract works in and outside of moto. The fifth installment of his "Document" magazine project is still available for purchase there as well. If you haven't already gotten ahold of any, that's a good place to start. Our conversation is linked below if you've got time to check it out. Thanks. (If you're looking for an alternative experience, consider downloading the "Read Aloud: Text to Speech" extension for Google Chrome, in lieu of my editing of the audio show for every installment.)

Discussion includes: Moto banter, the foundation of his relationship with motocross and Fox Racing, why Instagram sucks, societal conformity, challenges and rewards of running an independent publication, and plans to create the next open space for creators with “Uniform,” among other things…


4/25/2019 2:58 PM

New interview out with Evergood's Tom Journet. We met up at Freestone during the JS7 Spring Championship to talk shop and Tom was cool as ever, considering he gave me the time of day during a super hectic trek across the south from Florida to Texas. Tom handles all of the video work at Evergood, including most of production of their flagship "Innermost" series. I learned how he tackles those projects, his relationship with fellow Evergoodians Matt Rice and Eric Shirk, and how he almost froze to death in the Rocky Mountains driving from Las Vegas to Iowa.

A more formal "Discussion includes:" Growing up at Raceway Park in New Jersey, creation and evolution of the “Innermost” video series, French music, loathing editing, and almost freezing to death in the mountains of Colorado, among other things…


4/25/2019 3:16 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/25/2019 3:17 PM

Good work. Unfortunately the sport is far too small to get any traction on stuff like this. I do appreciate the interviews though, they are good.