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1/8/2018 7:20 PM

So with the 3 moto format coming up in approx 2 weeks time. Is it going to be an advantage for guys who lead and crash like tomac? a chance at redemption in the series. or is it going to be "oh i crashed"... Im going to sit out the last two motos and come back next week kind of deal? only time will tell, but im looking forward to it.


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1/8/2018 7:43 PM

I just don't like the 'I dont have to be in shape for this one' thing. Moto should be survival of the fittest. Not 'I got the holeshot and won' bs.


1/8/2018 8:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/8/2018 8:32 PM

So let play this out.

Let’s pretend A1 was a “triple crown” event.

Tomac wads and DNF’s moto one, then goes 1-1 in the next two. He’ll have 22+1+1.... and likely get around 7th or 8th place.

That’s a HUGE improvement over what happened last night. Bromac can pull over and play with his jimmy until he’s in dead last, AND still get a top 10


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