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Mx391 Mx391
12/7/2017 1:49 PM

I think it would be interesting to hear some stories where everyones number came from?

Mine isn't too interesting. Just my birthday...march of 91.

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Donovan759 Donovan759
12/7/2017 1:57 PM

I used to play ice hockey and my number I was given was was 59 & I kept it everywhere I played for years..
My fav. # has always been 7 so when I started riding, I always had a 7 on my bike. Then JS7 switched from 259 to 7 and I didn't want to be that JS wannabe goon at the track. So I added the 7 to my hockey number to make 759. Stuck with it.

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OR Racer46 OR Racer46
12/7/2017 2:04 PM

When I was 7 years old I raced my first BMX race . I had a mongoose with Moto mags ? I had never been to a race before and did not even have a number plate. So the sign up lady put a big 46 on a paper plate and I zip tied it on my bike . I was pretty intimidated see all the race teams and fancy bikes . I flat smoked them in my first race and from that point I knew I could win . Second Moto I did the same . I have been 46 since .

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12/7/2017 2:05 PM

33 is always the root of whatever number I race with(currently 833) due to the fact it follows me and my family everywhere for some reason. As well as the fact JG33 is one of my favorite riders and was really cool to me at ST. Louis SX when I was 6 and from then on it was me number on minis.

I always love threads like this, always some cool stories and such!

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motardchris motardchris
12/7/2017 2:06 PM

If you wanted to type my initials on a touch tone phone CMS would be 267 so that's the number I chose.

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MW19 MW19
12/7/2017 2:11 PM

My favorite football player growing up was Jerry Rice. When I went to pick out my jersey number for football in the 5th grade - someone else already took that number. So I went with the closest they had - 82. I loved that number for whatever reason and used it when I started riding motocross. When I got older I found out that a lot of people use that number so I switched to 19. For no reason at all. Just like the look of it I guess. I could never come up with a 3 digit number I liked.

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MX Guy MX Guy
12/7/2017 2:20 PM

Literally opened to a random page in a book one day

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
12/7/2017 2:22 PM

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DTR830 DTR830
12/7/2017 2:23 PM

830 for my twins birthday. August 30th

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mxb2 mxb2
12/7/2017 2:23 PM

Mine is #722, me and my father's birthday is the same day, and my grandpa passed on 7-22 the day I was born. Both have passed and I will always use 722, unless it's a special project bike.

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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
12/7/2017 2:24 PM

My dad was 20 with cmc so when I was born they assigned me 2. Ran it ever since. I’ll be changing to 23 soon though. Too many people running 2 and 23 is my wife and i’s anniversary day

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fanopj1 fanopj1
12/7/2017 2:27 PM

My number is the birthday of each of my boys. 6th and the 14th. 614.

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twotwosix twotwosix
12/7/2017 2:27 PM

My 2 brothers and I has just started running AMA races and we were getting sick of always having to slash our numbers. My youngest brother was running #2 and my middle brother was running #24. I had been running #18 for a couple years. Well we decided we needed 3 digit numbers so I bit the bullet and said, you go to #222, you go to #224 and I'll take #226. We looked like a team and it solved our problems. Been #226 ever since.

Funny story about why my youngest brother first ran #2 though. He's the youngest, so he started racing a year after my middle brother and I. Well when he decided to start racing on his PW50, my Dad asked him what number he wanted to run. He said #1. My Dad said no, you can't be a beginner and run #1. He said you have to win something before you can run #1 wink So he said FINE!, I'll be # 2, the next closest thing!

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jh43 jh43
12/7/2017 2:32 PM

When I decided to race, my dad went by the local shop to get some numbers. I requested "45" just because it's the number that popped in my head. The shop was out of "5"s that day so he grabbed the #3 and I ran with 43 ever since. I was mad that day, but after my first race, I never wanted to change.

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Stuntman949 Stuntman949
12/7/2017 2:33 PM

BMX gave me #292. Ran it ever since

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Zesiger 112 Zesiger 112
12/7/2017 2:36 PM

No one in mx or NASCAR or anything I could find had that number. I didn't want to be a "fan" of someone.

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Kenny Lingus Kenny Lingus
12/7/2017 2:42 PM

Stole it from Grandpa!

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ty159 ty159
12/7/2017 2:43 PM

My dad worked for the phone company when I was a kid, he passed away when I was 12, so when I got back into riding/racing with my oldest son at the end of 2004, I picked the number from his work van... 909... It has nothing to do the the SoCal area code....

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Deal Brothers Trailers Deal Brothers Trailers
12/7/2017 2:51 PM


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Falcon Falcon
12/7/2017 2:52 PM

I ran 99 a few different seasons and then when I started to race in bigger series I figured I'd need a 3-digit number. I decided to add a "1" to the 99, but I didn't want 199 because Travis Pastrana looked like he might turn pro one day. Soooo... 991 it is.
As it turns out, I won my local race series in '99 so I was #1. It all worked out.

Braaapin' aint easy.

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Muscle-Milk-KTM Muscle-Milk-KTM
12/7/2017 3:06 PM


When I started racing again, I wanted 85, my house number. But when I went to the first meeting they said, we've already allocated 85 to someone else, can you be 851? It looked cool so I stuck with it.

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ruy ruy
12/7/2017 3:08 PM

71 and before 17. 17 remove it for a national race as Butron uses it and already I followed with 71.
Easy to make yourself by not having curves, easy to put.
The 11 I do not wear it because it is used by a friend.


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eric513anderson eric513anderson
12/7/2017 3:16 PM

I was always #15 as a kid and ran that for a long time. Decided to change. Wanted to throw a 7 in there for JS7 since I’m a big fan (be nice lol) so it was gonna be #157. Ended up going with my wife’s birthday. May 13th. Photo


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kb kb
12/7/2017 3:26 PM

My CMC # was 93 in '76, I got married & quit racing. By the time I got back
to it, I was a vet, so in '91 or '92 I made it v93.

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DavetheVintageGuy DavetheVintageGuy
12/7/2017 3:27 PM

First race I ever attended was the 1971 Tallahassee round of the Florida Winter AMA series. The top American finisher that day was Barry Higgins on the 73L Ossa Stiletto. He finished just behind Gunnar Lindstrom, Lars' Dad. When I started racing 5 months later, in July 1971, I put Barry's number on my SL70 and I'm still using it 46 years later. It's been on nearly 100 different motorcycles over that time span.

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Jmicmoto13 Jmicmoto13
12/7/2017 3:49 PM

I always incorporate a 13 in my number either at the front or rear of the three digits. When I was younger and played soccer, I always liked Cobi Jones on the LA Galaxy. Lame but true.

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mx131 mx131
12/7/2017 3:51 PM

Cool thread... I was a basketball player growing up, in 4th grade the coach gave me #31, I played with that number from then thru my college playing days. When I started racing I put 31 on my bike until 1995 when the sanctioning body I was racing with said that only pros could be two digit numbers. I added a 1 on the front and have been #131 ever since...

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BobbyM BobbyM
12/7/2017 4:04 PM
Mx391 wrote:

I think it would be ...more

My dad gave me #747...the new Boeing jet back then. He said I was gonna fly! After the 1st moto he ripped off the #7. I used #47 for years after that.

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bd bd
12/7/2017 4:06 PM

My number is 231. I run 231 for the following reasons:

2 - for first digit of 20 which I used while racing the 50 class.
3 - for the digit 3 which I used while riding the 60 class (Johnny O's number in 1985 - 250 MX class).
1 - for the first digit of 11 which I used while racing the 80 class.

23 is also "bd" on your telephone and I used #23 to let people know it was me while paging people back in the early 1990s.





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flatout111 flatout111
12/7/2017 4:11 PM
KTMs have been my favorite bikes since...well, since they kinda sucked. Way back in 01. Man, they've came a long way. I liked GL but didn't really choose it because of him. I just loved how the 111 looked on the bike. So there you go.
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