Where are the NETS?!?

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1/6/2018 9:31 PM

I thought Steve had this on lock. What happened Feld? I don’t see any nets or bowl berms...whistling


1/6/2018 10:02 PM

Dam nets stopping Marvin from throwing his goggles!! I'm jk but they were there from what I saw on tv


1/6/2018 10:06 PM

I'd imagine they are only going to be used on big berms placed on the outside of the track.


Cheers, Crush

1/6/2018 10:14 PM

They are only testing the nets at select events this year. Not every round.


1/6/2018 10:15 PM

I think Matthes said slow roll out at only events where large bowl turns can be put near fans


1/6/2018 10:35 PM

Pretty sure there were nets in use at A1. The fact that nobody really saw them is a good thing...


1/6/2018 10:53 PM

Saw nets after the 450 main when Musquin was rolling around.


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

1/6/2018 10:54 PM

There was one behind homeplate. Saw it with my own eyes.