What was the best factory Supercross bike every year?

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1/11/2019 6:41 PM

82-96 CR250 I don’t know before 82 I would assume YZ250 in the late 70’s?
97 Honda came out with Aluminum Frame and Yamaha had multiple winners.
97-2004 YZ250
2005 Aluminum Frame YZ came out and riders didn’t like it
2005 RM250
2006-2008 Honda CRF450
It didn’t win the most races but I think it was the best bike
It was probably close to the YZ and RM starting around 04.
2009-2010 RMZ450
2011 Suzuki got new management and there were several failures the next few years for Dungey and Stewart.
2011 -2012 CRF450
Multiple winners. I also think the 2012 KX was great
2013-2014 KX450
2015-2017 KTM450
Some Riders are still using this chassis in 19.
2018 Husky 450
2019 ?
What do you think?