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10/5/2017 12:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 12:36 AM

The "What track do You want to ride" post made me feel lucky when I saw a lot of the tracks on some guys bucket lists are ones I've been fortunate enough to ride, so I started thinking What and how many tracks have you ridden ? If there's 2 different tracks at one facility I counted them as 2 because well, they're 2 different tracks.
* indicates track that aren't there anymore
1. Carlsbad *
2. Barona Oaks
3. Amago Raceway
5 .Perris
6. Competition Park *
7. Starwest
8. Cahuilla Creek main
9. Cahuilla Creek vet
10. The Ranch *? I think it's still "there" but never open ?
11. Milestone main
12. Milestone vet
13. Glen Helen main
14. Glen Helen REM
15. Lemon Grove / Piru
16. Gorman
17. Lake Castaic MX *?
18. Mammoth
19. Edwards Air Force Base
20.VMC *
21. Competetive Edge main
22. Competetive Edge hillside
23. LACR
24. Sunrise / Racetown
25. Rainbow # 1 *
26. Ridgecrest
27. Lake Elsinore MX
28. Elsinore Gran Prix
All OTHG or OTMX races except for the Elsinore GP, Rainbow 1 and Amago. We're lucky in Ca. in the moto tracks available dept, besides that, eehh. lol


10/5/2017 12:57 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 12:58 AM

New Zealand tracks, No idea how many, or even remember them unless a bunch of friends and I sat down and talked about them all. (Then we won't remember in the morning after the beer drunk)
at a guess between 100 - 200 different tracks (maybe more not less)
Australia, Rockley and Denalaquin (?) raced our classic bikes 13 or so years ago.
California, Milestone, vets and main, Glen Helen REM and main, Elsinore, vets.
Will add to California tracks when back over in a January.



10/5/2017 1:06 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 6:05 PM

Jolly Rogers (WA)
SIR (Now pacific raceway I believe)
Wards Creek
Thurston county ORV park
Sandy Valley
Boulder City MX
St George MX
Cal CIty MX
AV Motoplex
Comp Edge
Lake Elsinore
Speedway MX


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10/5/2017 1:16 AM

My list is not really impressive but being from Sweden I am happy to say I have ridden at:
WW Ranch
Pax Trax


10/5/2017 1:59 AM

I grew up riding and racing in Ireland, so I've been to Desertmartin (ex-GP track) many times. We also did the BYMX for two years, so I got to ride Foxhills which was amazing. Also got to ride at Ballykelly (ex-GP track) twice in '05 before it closed, but I can't remember much of it as I was only 12 at the time. Missed out on riding the GP track at Fairyhouse as I was in a cast when they let the locals out on it for our national series. Since I've moved to the UK recently I've also added Farleigh Castle to the list.

Hoping to add Hawkstone to the list next year (been before, but only as a spectator as I was in a cast. Again...)


10/5/2017 3:02 AM

I guess I've been fortunate to hit a few over the years.
Red Bud
Glen Helen
Muddy Creek
Hawkstone Park and Farliegh Castle in the UK.
It's been a fun ride and Swan in Texas is probably my favorite track to ride.


10/5/2017 3:54 AM

Interesting to see Ridgecrest on your list but not cal city.


10/5/2017 7:35 AM

Those are some impressive lists. I personally was really stoked to ride Saint Jean D'Angely. Those step ups were a lot of fun on my rm125.


10/5/2017 7:40 AM

Not nearly as many as I would like, but here goes...

Raceway Park
All 6 or 7 of the Durhamtown Plantation Tracks
Walden MX
Blue Diamond MX
Long Island MX - now closed, but was an awesome track
Club MX - now 10th St MX
Rocky Hill
Snake Creek
NJMP Field of Dreams
Southwoods MX (Now Gotham MX)


10/5/2017 7:46 AM

orly airport
st jean d'angely
mc balory
mc evry
several other french tracks all from 1979-1982


10/5/2017 7:53 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 6:14 PM

Damn Sumdood, looks like you've never left the state. You need to get out more!smile

Pleasure Island Motocross
Rose Hill MX
Rio Bravo
George Jones/Jones Country MX
Mosier Valley
Village Creek
Cycle Ranch
Lake Whitney
290 MX
Cross Creek
Bastrop night track
Kent Howerton's
Good Times MX San Antonio/Natalia
Thunder Mountain
Swan MX
North 40
Badlands MX
Highlands MX
Splendora MX
Diamond Dons
Waco Eagles MX
North 40 MX
A dozen other Texas tracks I can't remember the names of.

Road Atlanta MX, Ga.
Steamboat Springs Co.
Speedworld Phoenix Az.
Glen Helen, Ca.
Unadilla, NY


10/5/2017 7:57 AM

From 1976 to 2017, mostly in Texas, from memory, quite a few are gone now:

Crockett TX. MX, 1st time on a motocross track
Swan, my home track, 40yrs
Thunder Ridge
Thunder Valley
I-20 SX
Nacogdoches TX.
Palestine TX. 3 tracks
Athens MX
Big D's MX
Buffalo TX. MX
Mosier Valley
Rabbit Run
Village Creek
Conroe MX
3 Palms
Rio Bravo
Mill's Road
Badlands MX
Good Times MX
Howerton's Track
Cycle Ranch
Bastrop MX
Austin Arenacross
San Antonio Arenacross
Monster Mt.
Greenville MX
Freestone MX
MX Oasis
Glen Helen
Lake Elsinore
Competition Park
Houston SX (amateur)
Dallas SX (amateur)

I've been fortunate to have tracks that are fairly close (less than 2 hours). The out of state tracks were trips taken with buddies to ride places we wanted on our list. Good times over the years


10/5/2017 7:59 AM

Im glad I inspired you.


10/5/2017 8:13 AM

Jolly Roger now NHMX is closest real track lots of elevation
Winchester Speed Park fl
Rider HIll in Derby VT got alot better this year with prep and attendance but nothing like NESC events
CTMX outside Hartford CT
MX 23 in northfield mass is a rad spot no racing but cool little practice track
Wareham MX on the Cape in Mass is super fun full on sand track
North Carolina MX was sweet this winter despite the hardpack conditions
Budds Creek was fun but way out my league
A bunch of VT private tracks


10/5/2017 8:16 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 8:18 AM

sumdood wrote:

The "What track do You want to ride" post made me feel lucky when I saw a lot of the tracks on some guys bucket lists are ones ...more


Same except for rainbow 1, Barona, Elsinore GP and Ridgecrest.
But add in to your list
Chaney Ranch
Castillo Ranch
Cal city
AV moto plex
That track that was between Comp edge and Sunrise


10/5/2017 8:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 8:28 AM

I have a list because a while back I set a goal to try and ride at 100 different tracks and in 20 different states. Still going!

1. Amherst Meadowlarks, Amherst, Oh
2. Lightning Raceway, Tippencanoe, Oh
3. Malvern MX, Malvern, Oh
4. Gran Prix Raceway, Canal Fulton, Oh
5. Medina Fair, Medina, Oh
6. Ohio International Raceway, Ravenna, Oh
7. Summit Indoor, Akron, Oh
8. Big Valley, East Palestine, Oh
9. Dirtworld Motocross Park, Dorset, Oh
10. Sandusky Valley Riders, Tiffin, Oh
11. Western Reserve Motorcycle Club, Salem, Oh
12. Spring Valley Raceway, Millport, Oh
13. Beans Bike Park, Dennison, Oh
14. Broken Spokes Raceway, New Philadelphia, Oh
15. Crow Canyon Raceway, Uhrichsville, Oh
16. Scenic Highlands, Newcomerstown, Oh
17. Mid Ohio Original historic track, Lexington, Oh
18. Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Oh
19. Kenworthys, Troy, Oh
20. Action Sports GP, Nelsonville, Oh
21. Sunday Creek Raceway, Jacksonville, Oh
22. Honda Hills, Thornville, Oh
23. COCR, Lancaster, Oh
24. Delta Raceway, Delta, Oh
25. Norwalk Raceway Park, Norwalk, Oh
26. Hangtime, Norwalk, Oh
27. Smith Road Raceway, Medina, Oh
28. Apple Cabin, Lafayette, Oh
29. Battlesburg MX, Waynesburg, Oh
30. Beechwood Trails, Wooster, Oh
31. Loconn MX, Wooster, Oh
32. Outlaw Extreme, Waynesburg, Oh
33. Indian Mound, Newcomerstown, Oh
34. Mathias Raceway, New Philadelphia, Oh
35. MX153, Paris, Oh
36. Zero Gravity, Toledo, Oh
37. NEMX Indoor, Andover, Oh
38. Ram Jam Indoor, Lorain, Oh
39. Briarcliff MX, Nashport, Oh
40. Area 330, Carrolton, Oh
41. TV Land MX, Pierpont, Oh
42. Action Sports Racing (New), Athens, Oh
43. Pine Lake GP, Jefferson, Oh
44. Wayne County Speedway, Orrville, Oh
45. Lorain County Speedway, Lorain, Oh
46. MX213, Saint Claresville, Oh
47. Youngstown MX, Youngstown, Oh
48. Route 62 MX, Martinsburg, Oh
49. ChilliTown MX, Chillicothe, Oh
50. Fasstraxx, Nelsonville, Oh
51. Big Game Raceway, Hubbard, Oh
52. Skyview MX, Lisbon, Oh

53. Croom, Brooksville, FL
54. Dade City Raceway, Dade City, FL
55. Hard Rock Cycle Park, Ocala, FL
56. Bithlo Motorsports, Bithlo, FL
57. Gatorback, Gainesville, FL
58. Waldo Motorsports, Waldo, FL
59. WW Ranch, Jacksonville, FL

60. Red Bud, Buchanon, MI
61. Log Road, Coldwater, MI
62. Milan Cycle City, Milan, MI
63. Dutch Sport Park, Bloomingdale, MI
64. Pontiac Amateur SX, MI
65. Portland Trail Riders, Portland, MI
66. Pro Source Indoor, MI
67. Baja Acres, Millington, MI
68. Supercoop, Maybee, MI

69. High Point, Mount Morris, PA
70. Steel City, Delmont, PA
71. Pleasure Valley, Johnstown, PA
72. Challenger Raceway, Homer City, PA
73. Field of Dreams, Boswell, PA
74. Beaver Valley Raceway, Hookstown, PA
75. High Voltage MX, Ford City, PA
76. Switchback Raceway, Butler, PA
77. Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA
78. Doublin Gap, Shippensburg, PA
79. Sleepy Hollow MX, Fredericksburg, PA

80. Riverview MX, Rescaca Beach, GA

81. Monster Mountain, Tallassee, AL

82. Mammoth Mountain MX, Mammoth Lakes, CA
83. Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, CA
84. Pala Raceway, Pala, CA

85. Muddy Creek Raceway, Blountville, TN
86. Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Hurricane Mills, TN

87. Camp Coker, Florence, SC
88. TNT Motorsports, Chester, SC
89. South of the Border MX, Hamer, SC

90. Motoland, Kingsbury, IN
91. Wildcat Creek MX, Rossville, IN
92. Ironman Raceway, Crawfordsville, IN

93. Lincoln Trail Motosports, Casey, IL
94. Byron Motosports Park, Byron, IL
95. MC Motopark, Mount Carroll, IL

96. Broome Tioga Raceway, Binghamton, NY
97. Area 51, Batavia, NY
98. Unadilla MX, New Berlin, NY

99. Spring Creek MX, Millville, MN

100. Tomahawk MX, Hedgesville, WV

101. North Carolina Motosports Park (NCMP), Henderson, NC

102. Daniel Boone MX, London, KY
103. Ballance MX, Oakland, KY

104. Pro Sport Motocross, Wytheville, VA


10/5/2017 8:28 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 8:28 AM

Ridden all over Washington and NorCal.

Only Track worth mentioning:

Toe's MX Park, Royal City WA



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10/5/2017 8:33 AM

sumdood wrote:

The "What track do You want to ride" post made me feel lucky when I saw a lot of the tracks on some guys bucket lists are ones ...more

Lake Whitney cycle ranch
Cycle world USA

Atlanta Murieta?


Sunshine motor Speedway

Hangtown both old and new
Trabuco canyon
Carnegie international tracks

Those are the ones that stand out to me.


10/5/2017 8:38 AM

Frozen Ocean NY- MX and Nightcross
Silver Springs NY- MX and Nightcross
Hunt NY- closed
Freedom NY- closed
Cohocton NY- second version, not the newest one
Miles Mountain PA-MX and Nightcross
Mapleshade PA
Area 51 NY
Broome Tioga NY
Hogback Hill NY
Wheeler MX NY-closed
Indoor track in Ohio- can't remember the name
Watkins Glen MX NY-closed
Hurricane Hills PA
Pala CA- both national and vet 2 weeks after their last national
Monster Mountain AL
(MP) County Line FL
Bostwick Creek FL
Pax Trax FL
Hard Rock FL
Tomahawk MX WV
Oregon dunes- not a track but really cool place
Our own private tracks NY

Probably a few I forgot.


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10/5/2017 9:04 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 9:09 AM

-Budds creek is one of my favorites I've rode and raced several times
-High Point
-Muddy Creek Raceway
-Echeconnee is one of my fav sand tracks
-Camp Coker mx
-Sand hills mx in chesterfield, SC
-CLub MX
-Club mx practice facility
-South of the Border MX
-TNT Motorsports RIP Barb"
-club mole creek mx
-Birch Creek MX
-Lake Sugar Tree mx
-St Petersburg MX in VA
-Frozen Ocean MX
-Tomahawk MX
-Rolling Hills MX
-Parker Valley MX
-Shelby SX
-Metrolina SX
-Cathey's creek mx
-Silver Creek MX
-Daniels Ridge MX
-East bend mx
-421 mx
-Devils' Ridge MX
-Hampstead MX
-Wide open mx
-Montrose MX
-Half Moon MX
-Top gun MX
-Foggy Bottom MX
-Hardrock mx
-MX of marion county/Reddick MX
-Waldo MX
-"skytop" MX in bushnell, FL
-Paradise MX in GA
-Hill billy hills mx
-Monster mountain mx for 2003 LL regionals
-Pala Raceway
-perris mx
-milestone mx
-Barona Oaks Raceway
-Glen helen raceway
-Lake Elsinore MX
-Cahuilla Creek MX both tracks
-Zaca station
-Chaney Ranch
-Vogt Ranch
-and countless other private track or tracks that have since closed that I don't remember. MANY great riding experiences, travel, and meeting people along the way. Two wheels have provided me with employment since 2004 when I started selling powersports


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10/5/2017 9:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 9:58 AM

Ridden as well as Raced...

Escape Country
Indian Dunes
Saddleback Park
Osteens Cycle Park
Cycle Haven
Racetown 395
As well as 6 Elsinore Gran Prix events
"New" Saddleback Park (2001)
Hungry Valley
Glen Helen
Thrasherland (Arizona)
Canyon Raceway (Arizona)


10/5/2017 10:14 AM

newmann wrote:

Damn Sumdood, looks like you've never left the state. You need to get out more!smile

Pleasure Island Motocross
Rose Hill MX
Rio ...more

Man you need to ride Johnsonville MX now. I really really enjoy that track. Swan used to be my fave, but JV is coming in at a close second.


10/5/2017 10:28 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 3:09 PM

Glen Helen(a lot)
Star West
Cahuilla Creek
The Ranch
Carlsbad Track at The Ranch
Gorman MX
AV Motoplex
Sunrise/Racetown 395
Stoddard Wells in Victorville
Comp Edge
Budds Creek
Barona Oaks
928 MX
Piru Mx
Zaca Station
Sandy Valley
Tulare now known as DT1
and I know there are more

Edit: remembered a few
E Street
Lake Elsinore


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10/5/2017 11:04 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 11:12 AM

MXVet261 wrote:

I have a list because a while back I set a goal to try and ride at 100 different tracks and in 20 different states. Still ...more

That's a pretty good Ohio/d11 list. Wouldn't be surprised if we've met before. Missing some of my favorites though, most of which disappeared in the late 90's and 2000's. Wish I would have made note of all the tracks I traveled outside of my normal tracks like that though. There's alot where I remember almost every detail of the track just not the name. Would be neat to hear all the private tracks everyone has ridden at as well. I'm going to attempt a list, this could take a while.

Edit- I'll begin my list with every county fair in southern Ohio, a few in northern Ohio and Greenup county in northern Kentucky. This includes the Ohio State Fair and many indoors at fairgrounds like Marion and Jackson. Also any action sports indoor such as Huntington WV and Columbus. Just that has to put me at over 50 if they count! Lol


10/5/2017 11:08 AM

A few .....

Budds Creek 1976
Big Berm
High Point
Red Bud 1st 500 Pro national
Mini O's
Loretta Lynns


10/5/2017 11:10 AM

1. Southwick, MA …. last Saturday open practice !!!!
2. Steel City, PA
3. High Point, PA
4. Pleasure Valley, PA
5. Field of Dreams, PA
6. Doublin Gap, PA
7. Sleepy Hollow MX, PA
8. Happy Ramblers, MX, PA
9. South Mountain MX, PA
10. Mifflin County MX, PA
11. Glasgow MX, PA
12. Bethel MX, PA
13. Stormstown MX, PA
14. Trailway Speedway, PA
15. Pagoda, PA
16. Rocket Raceway, PA
17. Evansville Motocross, PA
18. Evansville Supercross, PA
19. Miles Mountain Motocross, PA
20. Miles Mountain Supercross, PA
21. Hurricane Hills, PA
22. Pine Grove, PA
23. Montrose MX, PA
24. Wolfman’s MX, PA
25. Tomahawk MX, WV
26. Unadilla, NY
27. Broome Tioga, NY
28. Moto Masters, NY
29. Diamondback, Cocoa FL
30. Gatorback, FL
31. Bithlo – Orlando Speedway, FL
32. Croom, Brooksville FL
33. Pax Trax, FL
34. Hilliard, FL
35. Boswick, FL
36. Waldo, FL
37. Hard Rock Cycle Park, FL
38. Dade City, FL
39. Reddick, FL
40. Thundercross, FL
41. Axton, VA
42. Southfork MX, VA
43. Virginia Motorsports Park, VA
44. Jacksonville Motorsports Park, VA
45. Crystal Coast MX, VA ( now Weinert’s)
46. Blue Diamond, DE
47. Seaford, DE
48. Raceway Park, NJ
49. Atco, NJ
50. Budds Creek, MD
51. Aguasco MX, MD
52. Antietam, MD
53. North Carolina Motocross Park, NC
54. Elizabeth City, NC
55. Morgan’s Corner, NC
56. Cow Branch, NC
57. Hog Heaven, NC
58. 5 Points MX, NC
59. Wide Open MX, NC
60. Black Jack MX, NC
61. Perris Raceway, CA
62. Comp Edge, CA
63. Washougal, WA

10/5/2017 11:22 AM

nc_mx_kid wrote:

-Budds creek is one of my favorites I've rode and raced several times
-High Point
-Muddy Creek Raceway
-Echeconnee ...more

Hey Kyle what up foo ? lol It's Bill Poolio, (in here I'm just "some dude" though haha). You liking being back east ?


10/5/2017 11:30 AM

newmann wrote:

Damn Sumdood, looks like you've never left the state. You need to get out more!smile

Pleasure Island Motocross
Rose Hill MX
Rio ...more

Yeah I know... laughing


10/5/2017 11:31 AM

racerray909 wrote:


Same except for rainbow 1, Barona, Elsinore GP and Ridgecrest.
But add in to your list
Chaney Ranch
Castillo ...more

You forgot to mention REM as your favorite track w00t wink


10/5/2017 11:40 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/5/2017 11:41 AM

Budds Creek
Unadilla National track
Unadilla Amateur Track
Some sweet track in Maine (Not 207-cant remember name)
Happy Ramblers
Sleepy hollow
Pleasure valley
Glen Helen
Dublin Gap
Red Bud
Mill creek
Wide Open MX

Flat track:
Timonium Indoors
Timonium Outdoors
Thunder valley

Oakland Valley

Road racing:
Virginia International Raceway
Road Atlanta
Carolina Motorsports
Roebling Road
Summit point
Talladega GP
Jennings GP
Daytona Speedway