What the f***???

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7/23/2022 1:43 PM

Commercials as the race is winding down and getting tight?? What an absolute shit show DC. You should be embarrassed of this product. Shame because the racing has been top notch.


7/23/2022 1:45 PM

Btw here’s a good link

7/23/2022 1:48 PM

Is it just me, but is the quality shitty also.

RV2 on point


7/23/2022 1:49 PM

And when I say a good link^ it’s good as in it’s watchable. Quality is still dog shit


7/23/2022 1:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/23/2022 1:52 PM

I already have motion sickness because of the horrible frame rate.... and then they double down with that horrible Dub step FLY commercial?

Make it stop... I payed money for this torture?


7/23/2022 2:08 PM

Yep, right there in the director's manual it says..."When there are two laps left in the moto and the top 3 are 1.5 seconds apart, cut to a commercial break because you forgot to go at the mid-point of the moto."

What a shit show motocross broadcasting has become.