What makes a legend

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2/14/2020 11:54 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/15/2020 2:10 AM

LoudLove wrote:

If there’s even a debate, then the rider doesn’t qualify. To gain “legend” status, the consensus must be universal, or damn close. Hannah, McGrath, Carmichael all qualify without reservation. RV? Lots of titles, but not as dominant as RC nor charismatic as MC. RJ and Bailey? Very solid contenders, but not on everyone’s list. Stewart? Underachiever. Tomac? Choker. Dungey and Reed? Won when the top guys were out.

This is not a slight against the field, but again, the title of legend must require clearing a very high bar. So the answer to the original question is “neither”.

To each their own but I don't need a racer to be charismatic to consider them a legend.

Edit: I’d like to add Roger DeCoster to your list (if it is a list). I think he fits your criteria and is without a doubt a legend of this sport.


2/15/2020 12:46 AM

fullysicmate wrote:

35 wins is a great achievement, not as good as winning a title though.

blockhead17 wrote:

I’m gonna go against the grain and disagree here..
If it was me, I’d rather have 35 wins, pretty high on the all time list too.

Each to their own smile


2/15/2020 1:19 AM

bama205 wrote:

Not a fan of him- but jlaw will be remembered longer than them (from their last race)

murray88 wrote:

You’re kidding? Jlaw is a clown.

I dunno Murray, looking at the Webster's dictionary, or whatever is quoted, 338 and 2 both qualify.
Fast, undocumented, notorious, well known, if that ain't 338, what is?

2/15/2020 3:33 PM

a legend is a rider that all other riders see as a threat. or if that rider has the ability to win any night .one that strives to finish up front vs settling anywhere else in the pack.put title wins in the mix,and call him a superstar icon of the sport.


2/15/2020 5:42 PM

Damon Bradshaw is a legend.