What is your bike worth to you?

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6/3/2021 7:35 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/3/2021 9:32 PM

Had an interesting conflict of opinion arise during a conversation with a friend of mine over a beer after work:

To you, how important do you consider your bike?

Now I’ll fill in the precursor here in that I’m a race nerd and parts geek with an A&P card.

Be it a new bike from the dealer or a used FB Market special, I have a strict hourly routine with my bike.

Every 60 hours, I’ll take it down to frame and check everything over. Maybe do a compression check or inspect the cylinder walls.

Hey, costs nothing but time and gaskets right?

To me, I almost give it F1 like treatment. I like to keep it clean and always check things on it. I go by “buy once, cry once.” Build to your comfort/desire for how you feel works best, you do it right the first time without cheaping out and just maintain routinely.

Call it an obsessive compulsion to work on things, take pride in that work and you know… have nice shit you built, ride and take care of.

Now the other opinion - It’s just a dirt bike.

Let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly investments. Why ever do a build? Keep it stock, ride the piss out of it. If it breaks, fix it.

It’s not a ‘66 Chevy SS… it’s just a fucking dirt bike and you aren’t a pro rider.


Was curious to hear thoughts and opinions on the topic. Are you prideful of you ride, or is it just another toy to you?

Now I base my argument that I’m too broke to get into aviation or car racing, so motocross satisfies my needs for building engines, throwing tools across the garage at the speed of Mach holy shit and the daily dose of leaded race gas.

For me, it’s an obsession. For some, it’s just a hobby.

Happy shreds, folks.


6/3/2021 8:07 PM

I definitely over service mine and keep it in as good of a condition as reasonably possible. I'm like that with all my stuff though and was taught to take care of my bike/car/whatever. I try to instill that into my two sons to take pride in their bikes and to keep them in top condition. I know when I was a teenager I had zero dollars so even getting new grips wasn't easy, but I did make sure things like the linkage were greased and that I kept the filter clean and all that since that stuff doesn't really cost money and certainly saves money over time.


6/3/2021 8:29 PM

I don't know what my bike is worth to me, but as bikes have got better over the years, I enjoy not wrenching ok them as much. Experience now tells me so many upgrade parts never seem to work or fit as expected and actually lead to more frustration in the garage.

Try and stick with basic maintenance and maybe a little suspension work when they are new


6/3/2021 9:27 PM

I could never sell my 14 250sx. I probably have 4K in revalves alone and it would never be worth it to me to sell. I also acquired a 00 kx 250.. the carbon fiber on it is worth more than the ktm and I haven’t even ridden it since I bought it 11 months ago lol.

I’ll get a new 2 stroke next year and likely have a bike I can sell and keep the rotation going every 2-3 years


6/3/2021 9:44 PM

I will never sell this bike.


6/3/2021 10:04 PM


6/4/2021 5:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/4/2021 6:37 AM

I do the same as OP. Build bike to my preference (comfort/all the bling I feal like wasting money on) in the first 20 hours or so then maintain it as much or more than I ride it. I usually replace parts before they are due for peace of mind. My bike is certainly worth more to me than others until it comes to selling time.


6/4/2021 6:00 AM

I am completely unattached to any one particular bike or brand. Because every time I’ve thought, this is it, this is the best bike ever, I’ve rode something newer and liked it more. So, I basically get a new bike every 3 years, and in that time I’m very meticulous with maintenance and keeping it clean and in good condition. But overall the bike stays mostly stock.


6/4/2021 7:22 AM

After a 40-50 hours, it's worth whatever someone will pay me for it.

I keep modifications to a minimum, usually just suspension (Enzo) and maybe an exhaust (e.g., the Yamaha one is blown out after 10 hours). Air filter and oil change (w/ filter) every 3-4 hours. Keep everything torqued, sprockets, chain, grips, and tires fresh, and I am very careful to never get water or dirt in the intake (not an easy task on the new Yamaha). I sell it right around the time it's ready for a rebuild (40-50 hours).


6/4/2021 7:25 AM

Rebuilding your bike is enjoyable, too.


6/4/2021 7:28 AM

I am trying to figure this out right now with my 250 Sx-f big bore. I modded this bike extensively and love it, but it is approaching 100 hours and with it being a sellers market, thinking about selling. Don't usually get attached to toys, but this bike is so damn good and fun to ride!

What's a 90 hour , 52 hp, 2016.5 KTM BB with KYB internals worth?


6/4/2021 7:40 AM

stone881 wrote:

I am trying to figure this out right now with my 250 Sx-f big bore. I modded this bike extensively and love it, but it is ...more

Probably more to you than to other people, to be honest!


6/4/2021 7:47 AM

I buy new, keep it as stock as possible, do regular preventative maintenance (oil, filters,
-air and oil-and hopefully that’s all, and replace wear parts-hopefully just tires, and grips), and sell it before expensive stuff comes due for replacement (usually around 100 hours or so) and buy another new one. It’s worth at sale whatever someone is willing to pay me for it.

My last bike (2019 YZ450FX) I rode to 75 hours...replaced tires, grips, oil, oil filter, and air filters...that’s it. And traded it in on a 2021 YZ450FX.


6/4/2021 7:57 AM

It's definitely worth much more to me than "just a bike". I think of it this way - if I had a 4k tele, 4k car or 4k MX bike and someone had a gun to my head I would always keep the bike every time. There are only a few things I would value more. I am rather the same as you OP, I have been taught to take care of my belongings and didn't have too much when I was younger so had to really cherish it. I still do the same now even though I can afford a newer bike and some spare parts. It's more about taking pride in looking after the machine, looking after your kit and enjoying the time spent in the garage. A lot of people only enjoy riding though and I get that, but for me the passion includes it all.


6/4/2021 9:03 AM

Years before, I have had bikes and told myself as others have said before. Ill never need a different bike. 2 years later boom, different bike. Ill pay whatever to ride what the bike I want. Maintain the shit out of it, keep it as close to stock as I can, sell a really solid bike to someone in 2 years. This 21 Yamaha is going to be hard to beat for me to find a different bike. Depending on how next gen is, I may have to keep it and get another bike


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6/4/2021 9:06 AM

stone881 wrote:

I am trying to figure this out right now with my 250 Sx-f big bore. I modded this bike extensively and love it, but it is ...more

sandtrack315 wrote:

Probably more to you than to other people, to be honest!

Good try, but the right answer around here is tree fiddy