What is with pro riders ig accounts getting stolen?

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12/25/2018 5:53 PM

This is the 8th time ive seen this happen. Anyone know whos account it is?


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12/25/2018 6:07 PM

Something to do with Ronnie Mac? Judging by the tagged photos it seems there’s some affiliation, Ronnie’s bike is in most of them. Can’t quite figure out who’s account it was.


12/25/2018 6:37 PM

Let’s think about something here for a second: Companies spend thousands (if not millions) of dollars on riders/influencers to advertise for them on this 3rd party app, which has proved time and time again to be easily hacked and manipulated. Literally at the drop of a hat, all that hard work, advertising, engagements, and money can be wiped out.

It’s time to rethink “social” media. I can see print making a resurgence. Part of me hopes it does.


12/26/2018 12:25 AM

You could not pay a young person to read print, for the most part