We talk with Alta Motors

9/14/2017 2:50pm
On this week's show we have an interesting conversation with one of the founders of Alta Motors. Also have Bogle and the team manager of Canada's MXDN team, Kourtney Lloyd. Then finish it off with Gringo in for locals only. Find use on itunes, stitcher, Soundcloud or anywhere fine podcasts are found.


Edinboro, PA US
9/14/2017 5:29pm
I think it was good and an informative Alta interview. Alta Question: Do you think the guys at Alta have a quick swap battery system that if need be do a Nascar style fast pit stop, and do a battery swap during the moto?
Also a quick note tell the guy at your show calling people "Bud" or "man" that isn't cool. Calling guests their real name would be appreciated.
Otherwise great show.
9/14/2017 9:13pm
Lol, I'll let him know. I think that may be a Texas thing, kinda normal around here.

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