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djc djc
3/10/2018 6:59 PM

Props to brayton and motoconcepts. That was one of the best wins I have ever watched

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vschaik141 vschaik141
3/10/2018 7:02 PM

Loved it!
the minutes went by so slow.
Brayton might have set a record that will never be broken. congratz

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JRT812 JRT812
3/10/2018 7:04 PM

The crashes, Marvin pissing away a opportunity, Eli riding like a mad man, and then the cherry on top....JB with the win. Such a fun race to watch.

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jorgechavez jorgechavez
3/10/2018 7:10 PM
JRT812 wrote:

The crashes, Marvin ...more

Yep. Easily one of the best races all season in my opinion.

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Jmicmoto13 Jmicmoto13
3/10/2018 7:12 PM

Honda bonuses all around! 2018 A1 would you have guessed Brayton would be the first Honda win this year lol what a deserved win!

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tuggy450 tuggy450
3/10/2018 7:59 PM

He earned it. Great race

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