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10/21/2018 6:10 PM


Greeting from Barcelona.

Hello, i'm a rider from Barcelona who works as programmer in an airline company form Monday to Friday. I used to ride form Saturday to Sunday but this year I have almost abandoned my bike in the garage working in an old idea i had years ago. It is a motocross track wiki. I'm putting lot of hours on it and I would like to share this effort with the rest of the world. 95% of content is updated only by myself but the goal is to share this tool with anyone. As you can see if you go to there is mainly tracks form Spain because those info's is easy for me to find, but i can tell there are gorgeous tracks out there.

I'm writing these lines to ask for help to find out any tracks in other countries than Spain throught this page: (Need to login first, just 1 click)

I need your help to find out tracks in your area. Note that i ask a few information about the track. It is not everything mandatory but as more complete the track-profile is, higher score is assigned to it and will have more importance in the ranking. ANY INFO HAS VALUE, If you decide to add a new track, just put what you know, i will try to investigate and put the rest.

I went to LA in April 2017 and saw dream-like places like: LACR, Cahuhilla Creek, Pala, Compedge, Glen helen.. I bet this is just a small part of the jewels that are around there, but all tracks are welcome even if it's just a small track from a little town, MX is MX.

If you are still reading this i would like to thank you for the patience. Please check out what i'm talking about at:

Ride safe,

10/21/2018 7:14 PM