WMX Officially Done

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10/22/2018 4:34 PM

Unfortunately, MX Sports put out a press release stating they have ended the WMX series, which has been declining. Through being at a majority of races and meeting the women riders, the talent and numbers of girls riding are higher than ever. The amount of respect and attention from the promoters turned many away. There were times we'd show up and people working registration didnt even know there was a WMX round that weekend or what it was. The riders would get facebook messages at 8am notifying them their practice time was moved forward an hour. No reception? Oh well.

Myself along with a few others are already working on a smaller, but competitive, womens series for next year. If anyone is interested in supporting these women riders for a single race or a series, just message me or reply. Even if you just want to discuss options, we're open to listening. Anyone in the industry who may be interested in donating goods, or any track owners interested in hosting a round, also just hit me up and we can discuss what we've got going on so far!