Vital MX Coverage - MXGP of Patagonia

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3/3/2018 8:39 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/5/2018 9:00 AM

Hey all, just a quick reminder we will be covering the full GP season this year thanks to our contributor abroad David Bulmer. Expect One Lap, Pit Bits, and some race interviews from each round.

One Lap: MXGP of Patagonia - Darian Sanayei,16693/ML512,13480

Winners' Circle: Pauls Jonass,39377/Slideshow,0/ML512,13480

Pit Bits - Coming later today


3/3/2018 9:03 AM

Very cool.

David Bulmer does very good work......


"Welcome to Southern California......the mecca of motocross racing." ~ Jason Wiegant

3/3/2018 9:30 AM

I couldn't agree more smile


3/3/2018 9:33 AM

The track's layout, dirt, and scenery looks surreal like a video game.


3/5/2018 9:01 AM

Bump, interview added, Pit Bits coming later today...


3/5/2018 9:14 AM

GP pit bits are always good viewing!


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3/5/2018 9:55 AM

Great..., now can you crush the us vs eu animosity that is allowed to flourish to the detriment of everyone not just the imbeciles involved.?


3/5/2018 10:59 AM

Paul Malin was talking about Dixon Kawasaki's been very tricky with different parts.Can we get some detail pics?