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9/29/2017 6:19 PM

I know it's a little late because I totally forgot about it, but here's a little fantasy game for the MXdN.
Sorry about that, I hope some guys will still make their picks!

Same system as last year, so here are the rules.

The team with the lowest score wins
Tiebreaker: The person who posted or edited his lineup earlier

Points are made in 3 categories:
Real teams, Fantasy team, Bonus picks (optional)

1. Overall team standings
Pick the top three teams overall.
You will get points according to their overall finishing order.
If you nailed the finishing position, you will additionally get -1 point.

You picked team US to finish 2nd and they do finish 2nd.
- you get 2 points for the team (2nd)
- you get -1 point for nailing their finish
- total: 1 point

2. Fantasy team
Pick a fantasy team with 3 riders of your choice. For each category (MXGP, MX2, OPEN) you can pick from the riders that are actually in the respective classes (so for example Cairoli is in MXGP so you can't pick him for MX2 or OPEN) - otherwise the scoring wouldn't work.
The scoring for the team is exactly like the mxdn format (including the worst moto throw away) and you will get the points according to where your fantasy team would have finished in the overall standings.

- Your riders finish 8-7-2-3-4-16
- You get 24 points (16th = throwaway)
- With 24 points your team would have finished 3rd overall behind Team Estonia and Team Russia - So you will get 3 points for your fantasy team.

3. Bonus picks (optional)
- Team on pole position on sunday
- Rider with the fastest overall laptime on sunday (only counting the 3 final races)
- Holeshot (pick one rider, if he holeshots any of his 2 motos, you will get the -1pt - qualifying race doesn't count!)
Those picks are optional, if you don't pick them, you get 0 points.
For each correct pick you get -1pt
For each wrong pick you get +1pt

You have to pick points 1 and 2 (overall team standings and fantasy team). Point 3 (bonus picks) is optional!

I hope it's understandable. Just let me know if it's not. Not much time left to ask though whistling

Deadline is the begin of the first qualifying moto on saturday
So you will be able to change your picks after free practice.

Here's a riders list. It's not up to date, so if someone has a newer one, just post it.
It still has Leiber for team Belgium and Ferrandis for France though.
Keep in mind, van Doninck replaces Lieber and Charlier replaces Ferrandis.


9/29/2017 6:21 PM

Here are my provisional picks:

Overall Team Standings
1. Netherlands
2. France
3. United States

Fantasy Team (that one is especially hard to figure out wink )
MXGP: Cairoli
MX2: Osborne
OPEN: Herlings

Bonus Picks:
Pole: France
Holeshot: Cairoli
Fastest Lap: Herlings


9/29/2017 6:33 PM


MXGP: Cairoli
MX2: Osborne
OPEN: Herlings


9/29/2017 6:57 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/29/2017 6:58 PM

Overall Team Standings
1. The Netherlands
2. USA
3. Great Britain

Fantasy Team
MXGP: Tony Cairoli
MX2: Zach Osborne
OPEN: Jeffrey Herlings

Bonus Picks:
Pole: The Netherlands
Holeshot: Gautier Paulin
Fastest Lap: Jeffrey Herlings

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Instagram (@gdawson243)

Snapchat: gdawson2

9/29/2017 7:31 PM


Bonus Picks : Who cares


Tomac and/or Anderson for 2020.....

9/30/2017 2:07 AM

BobPA wrote:


Bonus Picks : Who cares

Pretty funny blink


9/30/2017 4:59 AM



I like long odds


10/2/2017 5:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/2/2017 5:22 AM

Well next year I'll make the thread a little earlier whistling
The Cairoli pick didnt work out that great. Didnt matter though because everyone picked him.
Not sure what was wrong with him this weekend

1. Crusty
Overall: 12
Fantasy: 23 points -> 2nd place
Bonus picks: -1
Total: 13

2. Jrewing
Overall: 13
Fantasy: 24 points -> 2nd place
Bonus picks: 0
Total: 15

3. Colintrax
Overall: 14
Fantasy: 23 points -> 2nd place
Bonus picks: 0
Total: 16

3. GD2
Overall: 13
Fantasy: 23 points -> 2nd place
Bonus picks: +1
Total: 16