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7/26/2019 4:07 AM

The ballots have officially gone out for the Class of 2019. It's time to put The Dogger into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.⁠ Voting runs through Aug 12

If you're a lifetime member of the AMA or a Hall of Famer yourself, then you're eligible to vote. Check your email inbox. If you don't have a ballot email to:⁠

If you need supporting arguments (I wouldn't think anyone here really does) on why Lechien deserves a spot with the legends he routinely beat in the 1980s, read this. ⁠

Photos courtesy David Dewhurst




7/26/2019 6:05 AM

Hell yeah "The Dogger" should be in!


7/26/2019 10:02 AM

I'm in! The Dogger is a legend.


7/26/2019 10:30 AM

Not so much a matter of being held down. The flat track fans seem to have a greater presence among the lifetime members. Motocrossers (like me, for example) let their memberships lapse when we took breaks from racing for college, etc.

Ronnie has been so close and it became apparent that not all lifetime members realized they had the option to vote. Emails get missed, go to SPAM folders or, maybe they didn't even have the right email, you know?

So this campaign is to make lifetime members aware.


7/26/2019 10:41 AM

Here are the existing AMA HOF MXers:

Jim Pomeroy 1999
Jeff Ward 1999
David Bailey 1999
Gary Bailey 1999
Tony DiStefano 1999
Ricky Johnson 1999
John DeSoto 1999
Brad Lackey 1999
Jim Weinert 1999
Danny Chandler 1999
Torsten Hallman 2000
Gary Jones 2000
Jeff Stanton 2000
Kent Howerton 2000
Jean-Michel Bayle 2000
Marty Smith 2000
Barry Higgins 2000
Johnny O'Mara 2000
Broc Glover 2000
Mark Barnett 2000
Steve Wise 2001
Mike Bell 2001
Marty Tripes 2001
Danny LaPorte 2002
Donnie Schmit 2002
Lars Larsson 2002
Jeremy McGrath 2003
Jeff Emig 2004
Doug Henry 2005
Mike Kiedrowski 2007
Trampas Parker 2007
Bob Hannah 2011
Roger DeCoster 2011
Jimmy Ellis 2012
Ricky Carmichael 2013
Mark Blackwell 2013
Pierre Karsmakers 2014
Mike LaRocco 2014
Bob Moore 2017


7/26/2019 10:44 AM

Still have my bad bones als2 helmet. Yes Vote !


I don't have to be as smart as you hope to be some day anymore. wink

7/26/2019 12:01 PM

To me he is a borderline choice for the HOF. His one 125 national championship was won in dominant fashion but the other top riders were in the 250 and 500 classes. He won individual SX and outdoor races against those guys but never a title. BUT. His MXdN performance tips the scales in his favor for me and I say he should be in . The off track stuff doesn't matter imo.


7/26/2019 3:04 PM

I can’t remember the last time I gave the ama money!