Vítězslav Marek - The next big MXGP thing?

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7/16/2019 11:57 PM

Dear fellers,

i am sorry in advance but i need to "advertise" my local bois here from time to time.

Interview here: http://gatedrop.com/interview-vitezslav-marek-65cc-world-champ/

Well Marek is not miracle from clear skies. Czech Rep. got in the past junior mx champion in Václav Kovář. You might know Kovář from racing EMX2t on 2smoke Gas Gas last few seasons. Kovář got EMX65 and EMX85 world titles (fighting with yaboi Brian Bogers) if i'm not mistaken and did decent in EMX125s but then reality (in form of no big money to go in MX2 and puberty) kinda hit and he faded. So hopefully there is way for Vítězslav Marek to stay one hunnit in it. At this time he is leading national 65's and 85's standings at 11 years old.

Feel free to shoutout your own Mini prodigy in this thread.


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7/17/2019 9:14 AM

Who knows.. the kid is still young and got some work to do before the pro scene.

Would be cool to see a guy/kid from Czech make it to the front of the GP class, its been a while

You guys most be really looking forward to the final in Loket in a few weeks time at home. He is for sure the kid to beat after Arco!


7/17/2019 9:44 AM

I hear he has a czechered past. Buhaahaha...


7/17/2019 10:54 AM

He's only on 65cc. This title means next to nothing. We've had a lot of Dutch youth talents and only a few of them make it to the highest level on big bikes.


7/18/2019 1:59 PM

Nakročeno má dobře.


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