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BigMunster BigMunster
3/21/2018 3:07 AM

I was going through a few old mags and came across a Minicycle Rider Racer from 1983, look who i found on page 11.
It was very hard to get hold of these mags Down Under in those days, I would buy one whenever my local newsagent got one in, have a few and every now and then i have a look and remember the good old days.


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jamma10 jamma10
3/21/2018 3:21 AM

Moore, Schmit, Tragter, Strijbos, Everts, Albertyn, Parker, Puzar... those were the days! smile

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2. Don't crash

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jpmoney57 jpmoney57
3/21/2018 3:38 AM

Bobby Moore,The England football captain...

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Bry145 Bry145
3/21/2018 11:18 AM

My brother and I started riding on a Suzuuk DS80. The late 90s was a great era for moto!

At Tony D's motocross school his son was riding around on a DS80. The kid is probably 27 now. I feel old.

It is a shame they stopped making two-strokes, as I'd love to be riding 20 years later on a new RM125 or 250. It's kind of cool that one has a fondness for the brand they started on.

I like the YZs and YZFs because of how durable they are, but would consider a Suzuuk 450 if I ever make another run at Loretta's. That would be a good bike there, as Loretta's is a bumpy turn track.

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Toosano Toosano
3/21/2018 11:54 AM
BigMunster wrote:

I was going through a few ...more

This was the year that Mark Dooly's dad bought DG from founder Gary Harlow.

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BigMunster BigMunster
3/21/2018 10:23 PM
BigMunster wrote:

I was going through a few ...more

Toosano wrote:

This was the year that ...more

Thats correct, it was mentioned in one mag later in the year

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3/22/2018 3:10 AM

I like the "When Team Green goes racing..." pic. My, how times have changed.

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