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8/17/2017 4:15 AM

Saw this little tidbit in Matthes "Observations". If I'm not mistaken they didn't rip it deep because of the fear of weather. Lesson learned?


8/17/2017 4:50 AM

I noticed it instantly when I walked out for practice, track looked very fast. I guess we'll never know how it would have raced except for the first 250 moto and part of the first 450. I didn't see a whole lot of passing though


8/17/2017 6:21 AM

I believe I read somewhere that they didn't rip it super deep because they knew the rain was coming. Nonetheless the track looked awesome before it poured. Hopefully some tracks take note to avoid the slot car racing we sometimes get.


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8/17/2017 6:46 AM

You guys need to realize that it has to be muddy in practice otherwise it's a dust bowl during the final motos. Then we'd hear complaints, tv viewing would suffer, and it's more dangerous. They can't water while a race is going on so it's impossible to not let it get away from you on a normal summer afternoon if you don't get the moisture in early in the day. The tracks that were less rutted this year were due to the fact that rain was in the forecast so they kept the track packed, not to mention a cooler day and overcast. The tracks that were super rutted were due to rain leading up to the race which means moisture is deep in the soil. Nothing you can do about that. Weather plays such a huge role in how a track turns out. Also, I keep hearing about how tracks are being ripped deeper. I can only speak for one national track but it's ripped the same depth every day it's prepped, unless rain is in the forecast. The ripper literally doesn't go any deeper. The tines are only so long. Just accept that 4 strokes have the torque to trench through soil with moisture in it and ruts will form in practice. Or practice can be sick but accept dusty, hard pack conditions for the motos. There isn't much of an in between except on cool overcast days.