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Froggy76 Froggy76
10/3/2018 1:14 AM

Hi all,

Wondering what would be the lifespan of mx tyres.
Just bought a second hand bike, with supposedly original tyres. 3 year old bike, guy did not ride it much as no time. Tyres are used but not dead and totally worn out.
Question is:
Do I replace them as they are 3 years old or do I just run them into the ground and replace the latter

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
10/3/2018 1:22 AM

run them

Old tires will crack on the sidewalls and knobs will break apart.

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Froggy76 Froggy76
10/3/2018 1:26 AM

Hi mate,
Cheers for that

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maxximmee maxximmee
10/3/2018 2:53 AM

Someone said old tyres? After 4 rides on this Dunlop gomax mx3s



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AZRider AZRider
10/3/2018 5:12 AM
maxximmee wrote:

Someone said old tyres? ...more

good lord, what were you riding on? I see how the knobs are worn down in the middle far past what most would run.

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ktmdan ktmdan
10/3/2018 5:16 AM

I raced on some ten year old Dunlops... They seemed like they were so hard that they didn't wear, but they chunked knobs eventually.
I would definitely ride with 3 year old tires. Maybe not do any serious racing.. But then again, I'm cheap.

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kb228 kb228
10/3/2018 6:06 AM

I can get a couple seasons of out mx3s tires on my 450. Im not fast at all. Whereas pros at supercross will chunk the tires from 1 practice session. Its all in how you ride. The smoother you are with the gas the more life youll get. At least thats my mindset.

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