Truck, trailer, and bikes stolen. Colorado Springs / Colorado

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5/14/2019 4:35 PM

Last night 5/13/2019 we had our truck, trailer, and bikes stolen from outside our home in Colorado Springs. CSPD was called immediately and vehicle info was uploaded to the national system.

2002 GMC Denali pickup, rear steer model, Colorado tag 369-HKS
2019 R&M trailers 7x18 enclosed, trailer has no stickers or graphics on it
2006 YZ125
2002 XR100

YZ 125 is easy to pick out
Racer X graphics
Tom Morgan motor, 10 hours on the meter
PC pipe
Lectron carb
Faster USA wheels / stock hubs / black Takasago
Precision shock and vibe bar clamps

XR 100
Woody graphics with the American flag from des nations
red number plate backgrounds #8

2 full gear bags- the 360 / V3 / Instinct / Airbrake combo he has on in the pic, was part of the heist
Thank you guys for taking the time to read. Any information you might have, please PM us.
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5/14/2019 4:49 PM

Dang Mark, that sucks! We will keep our eyes peeled around here.


5/14/2019 7:47 PM

Sooo sorry to hear that man...fcking thieves...
I scour Craigslist for 125’s almost daily in AZ, I’ll keep an eye out.


5/15/2019 7:52 PM

Update on the theft. The bike was seen here in town tonight!

Info below from the helpful guy that saw the vehicle and took pics tonight in traffic.

I captured these pics at approx 5/15/2019 5:40PM, heading northbound on Union as approaching Academy Blvd. First saw the car pull out onto Austin Bluffs from the neighborhood across from UCCS, then head eastbound on Austin Bluffs, then exit down the ramp to Union, then left onto Union heading north. He was driving slow, I think saw me taking pics then slowed and would not come up next to me. I didn't know if that was the bike's owner recovering the bike. Driver was white male, very short hair, skinny. Hope this helps.

CSPD has this info and is working with us.

Thanks to everyone thats trying to help. Social Media has been powerful tool in helping find these Peckerwoods.


5/15/2019 8:06 PM

Colorado GW0-678


5/16/2019 7:46 AM

Any luck bullet?


5/16/2019 7:20 PM

Dang hope you found it! Where’d it get stolen from? Been a lot more shady stuff going on in the springs lately.


5/16/2019 8:06 PM

Good luck, hope you get the bastard.


2013 CRF450R Factory Connection revalve, All stock.

5/17/2019 5:22 AM

Update 5/17/2019.
A family friend identified the white expedition yesterday afternoon and followed it to some storage units, he called 911, Once CSDB arrived we recovered the 125. The suspect was questioned and released w/ no charges filled. The suspect was very open and shared enough information to lead us to some shady Motels on the North end of town.

We rolled up to the Motels about 9:30 pm searching each parking lot one at a time. We got to the 3rd Motel and found my truck had just pulled in dropping some people off at a Motel room. The driver pulled out of the Motel parking lot, we followed the him to a dead end in a industrial area. CSPD arrived shortly after and surrounded the truck. The driver had taken off on foot and was not caught. The trailer was found 2 Motels South of where the truck was initially spotted.

The truck had the ignition jacked, but otherwise minimal damage
The trailer side door was jack but can be repaired.
No suspects have been charged at this time.
The XR 100 is still missing, along with all moto gear.

We would not have found or recovered anything without the the help of the moto community, friends, and family.
CSDP also was great during this process.
Thank you to everyone who blasted the info out and helped us put the pieces together.

Thank you


5/17/2019 5:36 AM

Holy geez.. Thrilled you got the big stuff back man!! Sucks about the XR, your gear and any time/money spent on repairs - but I'm sure it was a relief getting the truck, trailer and 125 back!

None of my business - but, was the driver of the white expedition not charged with anything because you let him walk in exchange for leading you to where your truck would be?? I mean, dude was in possession of and was transporting stolen property...


5/17/2019 7:44 AM

Amazing you were able to recover so much so quickly. Hopefully the rest will follow, but even if not, it sounds like minimum damage for what could have been incredibly costly. I get sick every time I see posts of stolen items, especially since 99% of them end up with nothing. Thievery is top 3 of shitty human things to do in my opinion.


5/17/2019 8:14 AM



5/17/2019 2:08 PM

I’d pay the guy who had the 125 a visit and politely convince him to give you some much needed information. Suggestions from a friend.