Skin tight Troy Lee Designs pants

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5/19/2021 12:44 AM



5/19/2021 12:52 AM

Function - Lightweight, no excess material, breathability, comfort.


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5/19/2021 2:00 AM

He must 'work out'.


5/19/2021 2:13 AM

Skin tight pants are for women, not men.


5/19/2021 2:41 AM

You mean you don't like squeezing your giggle berries so hard they turn into diamonds? Weird...


5/19/2021 6:38 AM

If I had a larger than average man package I would certainly wear them.


5/19/2021 6:45 AM

I looked like that once when the chicks dad came home and I had to bail out the window. Grabbing the wrong jeans as I ninja mastered my escape down the gutters. I never got those pants back either.


5/19/2021 6:50 AM

I bough the correct size for me (32) and they are not skin tight. Carry on


5/19/2021 7:05 AM

Like Chuck said, in case you haven't noticed, MX gear has evolved in terms of materials, function, breathability, weight, etc. over the last 10-20 years.

Besides, TLD aren't the only one's making tighter fitting gear.


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