Tracks near Peterborough Ontario

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5/29/2020 6:44 AM

Just moved to Peterborough, me and my son who rides a KTM 50 are looking for a place to ride, any suggestions?


5/29/2020 7:10 AM

Check out the MMRS web site and see if there tracks are beginning to have practice days


5/29/2020 7:22 AM

There is the burnt river track that is open 7days a week. It would be around an hour from you. Other then that you have to go to private tracks or practice days for MMRS.


5/29/2020 11:52 AM

Burnt River is always open and they've really done a great job improving the dirt, its not easy having a track made out of the Canadian Shield but they've put in a lot of work. Call Connie 705-878-3067

If you don't mind a drive and want a sandier track, RJ Motorsports Park is right near Barrie, my personal favourite is Motopark but its a hike up to Owen Sound but its an incredible facility with a fantastic mini track


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