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1/4/2017 9:52 PM

So what is everyone wearing now a days? I see a lot of the top guys wearing cti still. Anyone know what model? What else is there out there now. I ran Eva webs and liked them along with asterisk.


1/4/2017 10:00 PM

POD K8 or K4, I don't have an ACL so support is crucial. My K8 braces work great.


1/4/2017 10:42 PM



1/4/2017 11:20 PM

I just bought a set of Mobius and can't wait to try them out. Coming from my Ultra Cells these don't feel anywhere near as big and bulky. It was between the Mobius or the POD but after reading some customer feed back and how good Mobius had taken care of their customers I figured it was worth giving them my money.


1/4/2017 11:50 PM

Pod K4


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1/5/2017 12:01 AM

By far the Mobius X8. I have had torn ligaments wearing ultra cells and cti. All of the other braces are a pivot with limit stops that cannot withstand the forces that 400 lb rider/bike at speed put on the knee & brace. The mobius is the only brace that utilizes a cross cable system, this is by far superior to the others even the super expensive "medical" ones. After I tore my acl for the 2nd time , I ran into Darren at pala raceway when he was selling the Bionic (prototype to the Mobius) out of his van. He had me try them on as well as all the other brands. Me knee was still damaged at the time. He applied light pressure, hyperestension and lateral, with all the other braces and I could feel pain instantly. I tried on the mobius and he applied way more pressure, barely any pain. I bought them and now own the Mobius years later. Through experience, I'm quite confident that these are the only braces that would have allowed me to ride mx and crash/ dab my foot many times since. I've been telling people for years, I thought Bionic disappeared then came the Mobius (the new Bionic). Now you're seeing the pros switch to them. Dungey, Villopoto (helped develop the new Mobius X8), Dean Wilson is wearing them now after two acl tears with other braces. I'm just a rider and fan that would like to help inform others through my experience. None can completely stop injuries, but I think the Mobius is ahead of the others.


1/5/2017 12:09 AM

Mobius all day and twice on Sunday. Superior protection and unrivaled customer service.


1/5/2017 12:57 AM

Ortema was/is used by many pro riders. Look them up, they have a lot of special protective gear.


1/5/2017 1:20 AM

Pod K8


1/5/2017 1:35 AM

Same here. No ACL, using POD K8s.


1/5/2017 1:53 AM

i still love the Asterix just got a new set 6 months ago other then Cti they are they way to go for me, so much adjust-ability other OTS braces move around to much on me.

its the old helmet question all over again but thats my opinion.


1/5/2017 2:47 AM

Mobius and leatt knee brace pants are a must.


1/5/2017 2:50 AM

CTI all day.


1/5/2017 4:34 AM



1/5/2017 5:11 AM

Another for Mobius. Fit great and very comfortable. I feel awkward anytime I get on a bike without them on now.


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1/5/2017 7:11 AM

Chris_Cooksey wrote:

POD K8 or K4, I don't have an ACL so support is crucial. My K8 braces work great.

For all of you guys that are without an ACL, how long has it been since you tore it? Any plans on an ACL reconstruction or are you able to function well enough without it?


1/5/2017 7:22 AM

EMA884mx wrote:

For all of you guys that are without an ACL, how long has it been since you tore it? Any plans on an ACL reconstruction or are ...more

28th july 2016. Also had a couple of fractures on the tibia plateau so I was on crutches for 11 weeks. Doing lots of rehab and it feels pretty good right now. Won't do surgery unless it's absolutely necessary. But I guess everyone is different so what works for someone maybe won't work for someone else.


1/5/2017 7:24 AM

Had the ACL repaired about 20 yrs ago. Found out after a recent MRI that the repair had never really worked. Worn braces ever since and its ok most of the time. Had custom CTI when it was first done. It was great but I think the Pods are close if you get them fitting good. Used Pods for the last 3 yrs. They could have another go at repairing it but that needed a hamstring graft and a long rehab so I'm leaving it for now. Cycling lots and building up the muscles around works best for me.


1/5/2017 8:36 AM

Torn ACL repaired in January of 2016....was riding 2-1/2 months later with the CTI2 braces. I have both braces and the Mobius is excellent and it is a tough call as to which braces are better. The Mobius has a lower profile contact area than the CTI2. Mobius is excellent but the doctors are more likely to prescribe a custom knee brace so that's what I was able to get. I've also heard good things about the Don Joy brace that Tony Carioli uses.

Go with the Mobius.....


1/5/2017 8:44 AM

DonJoy are orthopedic-prescribed, carbon, custom built to your exact shape. Then after they are built, they are custom fit to your shape. Fit is everything and these are not "off the shelf". There's a reason most NFL and college linemen run these braces exclusively. I've loved mine, except the lower d-ring wears through the inner knee of my pants, just below the leather.


1/5/2017 8:58 AM

Didn't think I'd ever like anything more than my Pods, but do like the Mobius a little better. You really can't go wrong with either as both are excellent. I do feel like the Mobius and the ratcheting system offers more protection, or in my head anyway.


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1/5/2017 9:48 AM

CTI and DonJoy are both great braces, I used DonJoy for years and recently got the CTI2. Both brands were custom fit for me. In my opinion CTI uses a better fitting procedure. They take several measurements and pictures. The fit is perfect. The patella cup protection is also better on the CTI2 and the motocross kit keeps them from tearing your pants.

Most orthopedics only prescribe one brand. Either will work excellent and the custom fit is a lot better than OTS.