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8/25/2018 8:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/25/2018 8:44 AM

After hearing Langston and Weege mention and remind us that the top 10 in points automatically go straight to the race no matter how they qualify, it got me thinking so I figured I'd ask the VBT. Is this a good rule or should it be changed? 2 guys get bumped out of the top 40 because of this. What do you guys think?

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8/25/2018 9:16 AM

I don’t care how they qualify, the main is better with the top 10 in points racing. Keep it the way it is.


8/25/2018 10:35 AM

If anything I would change it to the top 20 or let the A riders be first on the track for qualifying. There is no way that riders in the 40-80 talent level should be in the National field because of track conditions.