Tm en 144 advice and opinions

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11/25/2018 12:23 PM

I do like the look of these, and for some reason have got the urge to get one, even tho it's probably the wrong bike for laneing/woods
I have to do ride about 5miles Tarmac, but once I'm there it's a massive playground, but fuel range worries me the most as I'll be out with mates on 4st and will have to split away for for fuel.

So the 144 is basically a 125 , but flick of a switch turns into a 144? Really! How's that meant to work...I thought I was the all about the piston size

Looks like it's got 8 litrefuel tank, what u chaps reckon the average fuel range is

What's your opinions on tm in general,I know the resale value is a bit iffy


11/25/2018 12:29 PM

I believe it would be similar to the Sherco's.

where it ia a 144, but the switch changes the power delivery.
so the 1 side of the switch would be more bottom end with probably rev a little more.
where the other side of the switch would be more torque, power would be spread across the rev range and probably find it wont over rev as much.


11/25/2018 12:41 PM

I hear where your coming from, iv had the 300 sherco with electronic power switch which works night and day, but they don't call it a 300 something something
So is it effectively a 125 with a map switch that produces a bigger power curve


11/25/2018 1:41 PM

pretty much mate.would be the same thing.
Best bet would be to check the spec sheet on the bike and look at the bore size.other then that, it is what it is.

still a great component though!


11/26/2018 5:54 AM

Im lost here

The 144 is 144cc engine
The 125 is a 125cc engine

The 144 has a larger piston and longer stroke than the 125

The map switch reduces ignition timing and tames the power down to similar power of a 125 but the bike is still a 144cc

Sc2, where are you located? Id be happy to answer any other questions you have assuming I know the answer!


11/26/2018 6:08 AM

SC2 - I have a couple of JD aftermarket ignitions on CR250's that have a 2 map switch that allow for 2 ign. maps. As stated above the 2 different maps don't change the engine displacement. What it does change is a different map to either a mellow standard map or an aggressive map. depending on what ign. map is run it will give the engine a different powerband characteristic.
For example if it's hard packed dirt the mellow standard map would be a better option to run. If it's a loamy dirt or sand track the 2nd option ign. aggressive map would be the better option.


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11/26/2018 12:33 PM

I totally get the function of the power valve switch, as I had it on a sherco

Basically I was interested in buying a tm of a chap, he seemed genuine but was trying to tell me that it turns from a 125 into a 144 when switching between the 2 settings... He must of have had his wires crossed , I know TM's are quirky, but that's beyond rocket science

Anyway, I spoke to a TM dealer here in the uk, and he said it depends on the the bore ( which was what I was thinking)and that they both have different bore...

Basically the guys bike was 125, and as far as I know (he never answered the question) hadn't upgraded the barrel ,
So I gave it a swerve, as a 125 is not the rite tool for what I want, the 144 would of been questionable