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6/1/2021 6:06 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/1/2021 6:06 PM

Looks as if the GF and I will be driving up to CO from DFW this weekend for rd2. Havent been to a national since Freestone when i was a kid, so i have a few questions.

Hows the viewing at thunder valley? ( freestone sucked fyi )
What time should we get there to ' get a spot '?
Anything else people know about the venue/area would be put to great use, thanks!


6/1/2021 6:09 PM

On the hill in the middle


6/1/2021 6:58 PM

Viewing is great there from a lot of spots. Most spots you can see the majority of the track. IMO going on the ‘infield’ walking through the tunnel under the whopper are where the best spots are. Have fun!


6/1/2021 7:12 PM

Went out there 2 years ago. The view is good from the parking lot even. For me it was almost equal to a supercross as far as viewing goes. No section of the track is too far away from the other. Even though they try to put some objects to block views of the track, the way it is built on the hillside makes it almost impossible for them to do that.


6/1/2021 7:54 PM

Thats our favorite national. We like the hill people area left of the giant ThunderValley sign. Plenty of great viewing and easy access to the food and merch. Once I got out of my car and there was Toyotas doing a promo where you could drive one to the top and recieve a goodie bag too. A 4wd drive to the top and some free socks was an excellent bonus.
I did the VIP one year and that was excellent to have shaded seating and tons of food and beverages right next to the triple. Its a great location. Temps change quick so be prepared. Have a great time.


I don't have to be as smart as you hope to be some day anymore. wink

6/1/2021 8:06 PM

I've gone to this Thunder valley in person and watched on TV every year and for some reason it is the most boring round for me, I would rather watch the guys race at any other track on the circuit, I even like the Utah national better with the moon dirt! I'm not sure what it is but hopefully the track changes help!


6/1/2021 8:10 PM

Infield bro, but also walk around the perimeter for some cool views. I like to move around a lot and spend each moto in a different place, but the infield is the closest to all the action. Hike all the way up to the Thunder Valley sign if you really want to feel the lack of oxygen!

I like to start in the infield by the first turn. It's intense and you might even get roosted. Then cross over with the crowd to the big sweeper where both Eli and James went down hard. Then cross over to the far side by the mechanics area and then back to the finish line.

If you want to be more stationary then find a place way up high on the hill past all the food vendors.

I also went to every single Freestone and pretty much everything about Thunder Valley is better.

Have fun!


6/2/2021 6:07 AM

disbanded wrote:

Infield bro, but also walk around the perimeter for some cool views. I like to move around a lot and spend each moto in a ...more

Excellent advice, as that is basically my viewing routine as well. If you hike to the top where the Thunder Valley sign is, do it early while you're fresh, then work your way back down. I love watching the first lap from up there. I rarely stay in one spot more than a few laps, so many great views. See you all (y'all for the TX crowd) out there Saturday 🤘


6/2/2021 6:27 AM

Right in front of the red bull vip area. Can Use their tent for shade, but I’d bring an easy up.


6/2/2021 6:41 AM

I'll be there, anyone up to bench race after qualifying and before races?


6/2/2021 6:49 AM

crf250pilot wrote:

Right in front of the red bull vip area. Can Use their tent for shade, but I’d bring an easy up.

Double check on the easy up recommendation, pretty sure not allowed this year. Check the Thunder Valley website.

Have fun it’s a great Venue and excellent viewing


6/2/2021 7:46 AM
Edited Date/Time: 6/2/2021 7:48 AM

Guess the easiest way to tailor your experience.

I would suggest doing hill side top center up near thunder valley hillside sign, can view entire track for moto 1. Best place if you want to sit and enjoy the entire race. But if you get antsy. then do the in field areas during moto 2 if you want to move around. Best in field is between top of start and you can go back and forth between the top/bottom of track easily to watch the action on both sides. Majority of the food/drink vendor on top of the track as well. Infield access the top table tunnel jump. It's going to be hot and your like 1 mile closer to the sun so don't get sun burned, so bring a hat or umbrella for shade. Also have your girlfriend wear the required uniform of jean cut off shorts and bikini top or they might turn you away from entering.

Minimum, bring folding chair and something to dig out the dirt behind the chair legs so you can sit level on the hill.

This is a older map.. but same placement of things.



6/2/2021 7:55 AM

All good info, I will say the sun will be intense. We are planning to be there about 7am. Be there by 10 for a decent location. Many people use large umbrellas or those ground crescent shaped things you see at the beach for shade. I think there are less than a dozen trees on the property.


6/2/2021 10:53 AM

Just picked up my tickets. Should be a blast.


6/4/2021 9:58 PM

Great info, thanks everyone! Made it to Lakewood today, stoked for the races tomorrow!