Throwback 80 Track Design Yes or No?

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2/1/2019 5:10 PM

I was watching the Seattle SX on Youtube today and was thinking how cool it would be to see our riders today tackle a track with breaking bumps, deep ruts, uneven whoops, Singles to the flat and really no big doubles or triples.. Just head to head racing..

Am I the only one?? hahaha

Throwback Track Yes or No

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2/1/2019 5:13 PM

It would be awesome, but only if the current rIders also had to ride 80's model bikes


2/1/2019 7:07 PM

The tracks from the late eighties, say 88 and up were gnarly. Watching 86, 87, and then 88 rounds on YouTube, I feel like between 87 and 88 a ton of progressing happened. More than any other 1 year span by the YouTube eyeball test.


when in doubt, pin it out

2/1/2019 7:11 PM

An all sand round ala early Miami sx would be pretty amazing. 1 round with an endurocross rock bed, or a huge mudpuddle the slow guys can't clear shouldn't be too much to ask for either.


when in doubt, pin it out

2/1/2019 8:18 PM

I thought the ‘86 anaheim track was a cool throwback. Cant remember what year they did it but it was definitely a change of pace comparatively.


2/1/2019 8:29 PM

they all may find out the 4 stoke is not all that great..wait till they have to ride a 90's track


2/1/2019 8:30 PM

Not only do I think it would make for more interesting racing, I believe it would make the racers themselves better. The tracks from the 80s lacked the flow of today... but we’re technical as all hell. That is one reason I feel the US had an advantage over everyone back in the day imo. Square edged bumps/ jumps/ obstacles all over the place, not the typical 65 ft triple that is exact from round to round.
Put it this way... bring back 80/90s style SX tracks, the racing improves AND... the US goes back to dominating MX des Nations as a bonus ;-)

Try it for one round, 100%!


2/1/2019 9:40 PM

Weird tracks without a ton of 90 and 180 degree corners, lots of sand, way more dirt.... I'm all in.


Braaapin' aint easy.

2/1/2019 10:07 PM

WeaverMX wrote:

I was watching the Seattle SX on Youtube today and was thinking how cool it would be to see our riders today tackle a track ...more



2/1/2019 10:12 PM

Gator pits or gtfo


2/1/2019 11:11 PM

I would love to see throwbacks of 70’s, 80,s 90’s and early 2000’s tracks. They need to pick the great races and do replicas.


2/1/2019 11:29 PM

that would be awesome. having a track they cant jump 90% of 1st lap of practice and actually make them think for a change.