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aaryn #234 aaryn #234
1/13/2019 2:40 AM

What is everyone's thoughts on the staggered start?

I personally think it is a great thing, it is bad enough that riders running up front get penalized through no fault of their own when the red flag comes out, with the gap to the rider behind them being taken away, but to have to line up even with everyone else behind a gate is worse again.

One thing I don't understand is why does it only kick in after three laps, with live timing and scoring, why not have it kick in if the red flag comes out after just one lap.

Why penalize the guys who got the good start in the first place if an incident happens that they have no control or part in.

No issue with a red flag coming out to stop a race to attend to a downed rider, the injured rider should be the number 1 priority.

But why penalize the front-runners if it happens inside the first three laps even more than they should be.

When should the staggered start kick in

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Prntscrn Prntscrn
1/13/2019 2:56 AM

It's flawed but on the right track imo. They should to a start like they do in cross country skiing when it's a pursuit start. Let's say with the gap from the last split section (is that what it's called even?) before they hit the section with yellow flags.

Here is what it looks like in skiing:

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Andy_Greenney Andy_Greenney
1/13/2019 3:55 AM

Think it’s the best of a bad situation, sure gaps are lost but at least it’s not a complete re-shuffle like a full start.

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
1/13/2019 6:13 AM

It would take a good bit of work to do this, but I wish they cold have the following:

Red flag on lap x: (whether lap one or 15)

Go to previous lap time intervals when they passed the finish line.

Line up on the gate in the same gate picks they started the race.

Drop the single gate for the leader. After the interval of time for the second place racer, drop his gate and so on.

Yes, it would require a lot of gate controllers, just dreaming out loud. :-)

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Steve 396 Steve 396
1/13/2019 7:09 AM

I don't mind the staggered start but don't like that they can't pass until they get to the white line. I realize its not fair that the leader or rider in front of so in so had a gap but when a restart of some type does happen it makes for better racing. As it is now makes the best of a bad situation though.

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kage173 kage173
1/13/2019 7:30 AM

Simple is good. Keep it the way it is.

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bigk218 bigk218
1/13/2019 7:32 AM

I think it would be cool to see a rolling staggered start as opposed to a standing start.

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KurtJ99 KurtJ99
1/13/2019 7:47 AM

I don’t know why the staggered start can’t just use the 30/5 sign from the regular start. I heard Kenny say he was confused and had his bike in gear for like 40 seconds.
Did the monster girl take it to the after party after the last start wink

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feelit2morrow feelit2morrow
1/13/2019 8:14 AM

With technology as good as we have it, would be nice to have the gates drop with the time intervals of the last completed lap.

Example 2 sec lead between first and second. Leaders gate drops, 2 seconds later seconds gate drops, and so on..

2018 CRF250R

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agn5009 agn5009
1/13/2019 8:26 AM
KDXGarage wrote:

It would take a good bit ...more

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LungButter LungButter
1/13/2019 8:31 AM
feelit2morrow wrote:

With technology as good as ...more

I like this idea, except certain time intervals and track layouts could result in people going different directions on the track.

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MxKing809 MxKing809
1/13/2019 8:41 AM
KDXGarage wrote:

It would take a good bit ...more

Love the idea, but they couldn’t get all 22 to drop at once at A1.....

Washed up moto and enduro weekend warrior.

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
1/15/2019 9:42 AM
feelit2morrow wrote:

With technology as good as ...more

LungButter wrote:

I like this idea, except ...more

AH!!! Nevermind. They did cut across the start straight.

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
1/15/2019 9:45 AM
feelit2morrow wrote:

With technology as good as ...more

Look five posts up, HA HA

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1/15/2019 10:01 AM

As stated above, starting with intervals would potentially and most likely cause riders going opposite directions on the track, and if the red flag happened late in a race, there is a good possibility that the leader would be a lap ahead of several riders. In that case, would the lapped riders have to go before the leader? Just doesn't seem feasible.

I do agree that once one full lap has been completed it should be staggered start. With how important a good start is it seems unfair to have to reset. But...... that's life i suppose.

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Steve125 Steve125
1/15/2019 10:41 AM

I did a staggered restart after a red flag in one of my first races ever back in 1978. The official called it an Indian style restart. My point is it's nothing new.. It works. Doesn't Flattrack restart after a red flag the same way too?

Name withheld... Esquire

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1/16/2019 7:45 AM
KDXGarage wrote:

It would take a good bit ...more

I'm not saying what you are suggesting is a bad idea, but in Glendale the way the track was designed the leader would have been crossing the start straight as the mid last guys were leaving the gate. Would be sketchy

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CozMan CozMan
1/16/2019 7:53 AM

for safety and simplicity's sake, I love the staggered start FAR more than the full restart. I would like to see the starting official simply walk down the line and tap each guy on the shoulder in 1 second intervals to create at least a 1 sec gap for the first few turns. That keeps people from trying to pass immediately (even though they were 8 secs behind before the red flag) and makes it a calm and reasonable re-start.

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mac3-d mac3-d
1/16/2019 8:09 AM

If the leader has a 1 sec lead have a staggered start with 2nd place 5 yards behind and so on max distance between riders 10 yds max even if the gap was more than 2 sec

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