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luckynino luckynino
12/20/2017 2:02 PM

Hey guys,
i just wanted to share my experience with the lightweight seatfoams by Thinktechnology.

I'm from Switzerland and got my first foam in 2013/14 when i was building a very trick and ultralight Honda CR 125 AF. The seatfoam alone saved 550g (!) so this was very positive. I also mentioned it in my build-threads on various forums.

Well - it lasted only about 1/2 a year then it started to "shrink" and the cover would make wrinkles. It was obviously time for a new one which i ordered. No issues. The seatfoam arrived and was used for the next year. Since i own several 125cc bikes that specific bike gets used just so little that the seatfoams do a year or even more. But again - it lasted only about 20 hours before it started to loose shape and would "shrink" inside the seatcover. I have to mention that i always remove my seat when washing the bike. I never use it in muddy weather as well so the foam simply goes away from sitting on it.

There is indeed a massive advantage in loosing weight, especially this high up on the bike. But these seatfoams really don't last all that long.

I had some issues with Dan from Thinktechnology but he just responded to me today! It turns out it was a misunderstanding on his part. And since they moved production in-house they do only the modern, new bikes now and no more the older ones like mine. Too bad - the weight savings is much appreciated and i was willing to pay the price for new seatfoams but it turns out they won't do them anymore.

When you had the chance to throw a leg over a really light bike it translates in a completely different ride. I'm riding 125cc all my life and when i ride a 4-stroke i can't believe how heavy and sluggish ALL those bikes are. My ultralight 125 reall rides ike a bicycle.

So all good - i'll have to look out for a different make for the seatfoam then.

My stock seat before (Honda CRF 450 '09):

Same seat with Thinktechnology seatfoam:

My Honda CR 125 AF - i managed to save a total of 8,5 kilos / 18,7 lbs to bring it down to just 87,5 kilos (193 lbs):

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scooter5002 scooter5002
12/20/2017 2:53 PM

Hmmmm. That’s unfortunate, not the experience the average guy is looking for. If you like, I have a discounted MPS 500 ‘04 CRF frame I can ship you. If nothing else, THAT will make you feel better.

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12/20/2017 3:49 PM

Sorry about your experience. I would gladly refund all of the money you spent on foam in return for a mugen cylinder. cool

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pete24 pete24
12/20/2017 4:49 PM
scooter5002 wrote:

Hmmmm. That’s unfortunate, ...more

ill trade you worn out seat foam for some slightly used Cannondale parts, you pay shipping they are very heavy

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Monk Monk
12/20/2017 4:56 PM

I had a similar experience that I won't get into here. But my final email regarding getting my money returned was nothing short of me making the 2000 mile trip to his shop to get what's owed... Money was back in my account within a few hours... I don't tolerate BS...

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pCp 252 pCp 252
12/20/2017 5:41 PM

I couldn’t be happier with my Guts Phantom Foam. I ordered on Black Friday last year & received a significant discount. In my case it was about 350 grams lighter than my new stock KXF foam. Maybe not quite as light as Think! but the durability is there.

*I tested this foam throughout last year, probably 60 hours of use on this foam, without any compromises to its firmness or shape.

I also use their VS (Velcro system) seat covers which can be easily removed where you can clean the foam. The foam doesn’t absorb water but sometimes a layer of moisture is caught between the cover and foam, which can be easily dried by removing the cover.

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Moto520 Moto520
12/20/2017 5:48 PM

Go with Guts Phantom foam. I have it in all of my bikes and it lasts longer than the think foam (ive had both).

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luckynino luckynino
12/20/2017 9:30 PM
JWACK wrote:

Sorry about your ...more

Hahaha - seems someone knows me well wink

Nono - those Mugens remain where they are.They never let me down after almost 30 years now.

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