Themed styled SuperCross tracks?

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5/11/2018 7:57 PM

This is an branch off of the "What would you do to supercross tracks to make them less "cookie cutter" thread.

It's obvious many fans, even hard core Supercross fans are getting bored of the modern design of the tracks. I've been thinking of ways to freshen up the Supercross concept. It's clearly become stagnant and needs to evolve.

My idea is to have themed races, where the style of track is based off of a particular theme. So far I have 4 themes in mind, even though I'm still working on the marketing names for each theme. What other themes can we think of...?

1. Beach Supercross: These tracks would be almost entirely sand with far fewer jumps and having gnarly sand whoops, and sand mounds in the inside lines of corners and other unique features that comes with beach like racing.

2. Throwback 80's Supercross: Classic 80's style tracks. You could see these throwback races being wildly fun for racers and fans alike, where riders/teams/fans all dress up in throwback apparel. Stadium music would also keep to the theme to keep people pumped.

3. Speed and Style Super"course": A road course style event, where the outer perimeter of the track would be high speed with flatrack style leading into a infield section with more typical supercross style obstacles.

4. Modern: Today's typical modern style

This way there would be about 4 of each per season, what other cool themes can you think of?

Feld needs to invest into the sport by changing things up, let's nudge them in the right direction.


5/11/2018 9:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/11/2018 9:38 PM

Original thought and I can dig it... I believe their should he at least 3 pure sand sx races.... Yeah shaping it would be hard as fuck.. and you could only do it at non baseball stadiums due to their schedule starting so soon after sx is in there stadiums.

On the flip side, 80s style sx tracks the riders pissed and moaned about the retro sx track they had at Anaheim.. aka throwback night.. I thought it was pretty cool modern take on a old school track.. but riders complained of "no flow"

Sx could be a pure excitement powerhouse of a televised sport.. but someone need to step in with some cajones and make the changes bitching be damed.... But then you still have feudal Japan motocross companies who will shut it down as well.


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