The difference between indoors and outdoors

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2/25/2018 10:56 AM

So this weekend I went to Tampa SX and it was my first stadium sx expierence. I want to say that the racing was great but the expierience itself let me down and left me with a disappointed toddler.
I have been to mxgp rounds, outdoor nationals and even Daytona the environment is just different. You can camp overnight, bring coolers and backpack in the paddock And race area, go after the races and see the bikes being disassembled and if you are lucky get some memorabilia not many rules other than behave and show respect.

Well this indoor round was the complete opposite. No bags at all inside the stadium, no drinks allowed not even a Gatorade, huge lines to go inside the pit area, no overnight camping, and way more expensive tickets than outdoors, parking was 3 miles away, and the worst part was that one of the riders told my child to come after the the mains for His Jersey, but what we didn’t know is that they completely close the pits for everybody after the races. Security was up the ass everywhere.
I felt like I was going more to a football event than a Motocross event.

From now on I will just keep going to outdoors to enjoy a true Mx expierence. Daytona is not going to be a Honda sponsored event and I have a feeling they might start implementing all these rules for that event as well.
Why can’t they just follow the example of MX sports and make these events like outdoors. More of a Mx camping expierence than a Super Bowl.

Sorry rant over.



2/25/2018 11:20 AM

I am with ya. Outdoors is the bomb. SX is like going to a stadium concert. Asphalt sucks.

I hit High Point and Budds Creek annually. I arrive Friday, set up camp, party responsibly, cook great food, and have a general blast. Leave Sunday, recover/unpack Monday.

Hauling the beverage wagon is a drag at my advanced age. I got smart last year. I brought two moto noobs to the races last year and had them haul the beverage wagon. My old moto bud and I just smiled and enjoyed a cold one as we watched the millennials wrestle the heavily loaded beverage wagon to our preferred location... "A little to the right. Great. Now dig holes for the back legs of the chairs..." LOL!

Nah, the noobs were cool with it and they and a few more of their friends are gonna attend this year. Helps grow the sport, and we'll have a great time.



2/25/2018 12:16 PM

Left my toddler at home because I knew he would be bored after the first three laps of the first 250 heat race. Bought cold beers in the stadium. Didn't complain about the security procedures/rules because it's unfortunately the age we live in. You can bring a clear bag in, by the way. Had friends easily sneak in booze and vape pens. Parked one block from the stadium for $5. Hung out all day with tons of people tailgating and having a great time. Sticking to the outdoors is a great idea if you want to "enjoy a true MX experience." If it's Supercross experience you're after, Tampa was rad. I had a blast.